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Find New Tools to Generate Educated Workforce
Findings based on which our President has called for increasing graduation rates and ensuring more Americans earn a degree dates back to the Spellings Commission....

Will the University of Texas Incentive Pay System Work?
To improve the graduation rates in four-year courses in his university is the sole aim of University of Texas, Austin President William Powers. A proposal to establish....

Colleges can play a role in community and economic development
 Universities and colleges in our country face stiff challenges today which make us ponder on whether it is time to question higher education’s political....

Jamie K
Obama says higher education is an economic necessity
In his weekly address, our President stressed on the fact that higher education is no more a luxury but an economic necessity. Families can get ahead only if we....

College remains elusive for young immigrants in spite of Obama’s immigration policy
This week, the deferred deportation policy was launched by our President. Through this policy, young immigrants who are not documented are allowed to remain in the....

Is there no solution to the American student debt crisis?
Browse through online or offline newspapers and magazines and you will come across many stories of students drowned in loan debts. Students from all walks of life....

Obama’s Educational Excellence Initiative Must Comprehensively Address All Minority Issues
A White House initiative was recently established through an executive order written by our President. This initiative that will be housed in the Education Department....

High tuitions costs and student debts keep Affordable higher education at bay
Financial investment logic is being used to justify borrowing huge amounts of money for higher education. The idea being propagated is that if the student has a....

Jamie K
Graduation Rates Depend on Quality of College Shows Harvard Study
One of the most important issues discussed today is college completion in keeping with our President’s goal of sixty per cent increase in the number of college....

Educational institutions must take measures right now to avoid doomsday
A look at the University of Chicago and you will be impressed with its Gothic buildings and leafy avenues. This solid and sober place is now submerged in piling....

It is now easier to get higher education federal financial aid information
A new website has been unveiled by our Department of Education to make the financial aid process much easier for students and their families. They can now work out....

Online Education Set to Take Off with Elite Univetsities Joining the Fray
Many elite colleges such as Stanford, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have started offering free online courses and students from all over the....

Jamie K
One third of schools in our country financially unstable
As compared to just a few years back, many universities and colleges are now financially unstable. Our entire educational system is at the tipping point due to this.....

Research College for Safety Before You Send Your Children to Study in US
The number of international students enrolling in American universities continue to grow at a fast pace and parents now can ensure that their children are safe even....

Middle Class Health Depends Hugely On Our Community colleges
In our country, community colleges have always played a crucial role in supporting the middle class development. This system has been so powerful that other countries....

Alarming consequences of student loan default
The last decade has seen a six time increase of public college education cost over the inflation rate. As you look around, you will find many college graduates compromising....

African-American education program launched by Obama
President Obama’s latest initiative is to give greater access to competitive education to African-American students throughout their lives. He spoke recently....

Jamie K
Adopt Shopping Sheet says Duncan to Colleges and Universities
Just a few days back, Shopping Sheet or the financial aid award letter model was unveiled by the Obama administration through the Department of Education. This was....

Graduate school considerations international students must remember
Enrolment of international students in American universities continues unabated despite the country’s issues such as rising higher education cost and the worrisome....

Personal Economic Success and College Education – Is There a Connection?
Last year, a deal was struck by the Congress to stop doubling of Stafford Loan interest rates from 3.4 to 6.8 per cent. This increase has been effectively stalled....


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