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  • Graduate school considerations international students must remember
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  • 24-Jul-2012
  • Enrolment of international students in American universities continues unabated despite the country’s issues such as rising higher education cost and the worrisome economy. There was an 8% increase in international student enrolment in American universities last year. According to the Council of Graduate Schools based in Washington DC, this is the largest increase in the last five years.

    This increase shows that getting a graduate degree from an American university is very valuable for international students. There are three aspects these students must weigh before they apply for a course in US universities.

    A bachelor’s degree from an American University may not be academically equal to certain degrees received outside North America. All global institutions may not come under similar guidelines. If you are planning on doing a professional school degree or graduate degree in the United States, it is imperative for you to first find out if the degree you hold is accepted by colleges here for admission.

    If, for any reason, your degree does not match their requirements and you still think you case merits consideration, you can approach the admissions office and present your case. It is a good idea writing out a detailed letter listing out the facts and sending it to the office instead of sending an email or calling them directly. In the short but crisp and clear letter, thank the administration for considering your case and offer them to provide any more information they need making it clear that you will accept whatever they decide.

    IELTS or International English Language Testing System has of late gained in prominence and is being accepted by most universities here even though TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language was the proficiency test for admissions a few years back. As an international applicant, you can choose to take any of the above mentioned tests. Different institutions require different minimum score in these tests and they will not accept anything lesser than the specified score.

    Finance is a major consideration you must take into account as you apply for a program in a US University. Keep in mind additional expenses even if you get grants and scholarships. Plan well ahead financially for your study.

    Most of the international students think that once they get into a university, most of their expenses will be taken care of. Remember that the grants offered by colleges are divided among many deserving incoming students and you may have to shell out quite a bit from your own pocket. You can however reach out for one of the many financial assistance opportunities offered for foreign students.

    It is not permitted for you as an international student to take up part-time or full-time jobs in America due to immigration and tax laws of the country. It is possible for you however to take up employment with your graduate school to earn a reduction in tuition.

    If you strive to keep up good grades, you have the opportunity to extend your assistantships and fellowships that are usually given to qualified candidates. As compared to assistantships and fellowships, scholarships are given to students only for a year to cover their tuition.


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