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Rice points out the importance of our higher education system
Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has always been insisting that her students wrote with clarity as she was very particular about even memos that must be written....

Rick Santorum is definitely wrong about college
President Obama’s higher education initiatives have always come under the scanner attracting criticism. In keeping with the trend, Senator Rick Santorum recently....

Do you actually rise or fall with higher education?
This is a proverbial question in the mind of every single American today, thanks to the skyrocketing tuition costs. When President Obama pressed for greater post....

Student loan debt burden crippling the growth of our country
In frustration, Americans look at the higher education cost today as an impossible issue that can never be solved during their lifetime. For the first time in our....

Biden Says Key to Security is College Education
In an effort to project Obama administration in a positive light on his visit to the Maury High School, Vice President Joe Biden focused on the government’s....

President Obama flays Republicans in his Stump Campaign Speech at Southern Maine
Southern Maine Community College was the hub of hundreds of New Englanders who had come there to witness President Barack Obama delivering his campaign speech. As....

A Model Addressing Obama’s Call For College Affordability
    Nancy L. Zimpher, the chancellor of the State University of New York has shared her views about higher education costs recently. She suggested....

Jamie K
Would Obama’s Focus On Higher Education Help Him In 2012 Presidential Election?
President Barack Obama has addressed the issue of higher education at three public universities and three community colleges, since his State of the Union address.....

Jamie K
$4.2 million aid cut for Higher Ed ?
Facing consequences for cutting state support for universities and colleges, Michigan is the latest target facing penalty for the same. This state has lost $4.2....

President wants to restore America’s top position in higher education
President Obama is committed to restore America’s No.1 position in the world in higher education. He stresses that after high school, all Americans should....

Obama believes community colleges can provide economic remedy
President Obama visited Prince George’s community college recently to laud the community colleges and their role in training students for better jobs. Community....

Survey says- most college presidents have plans to vote for Obama in 2012
Most of the college presidents except for presidents in for-profit colleges have plans to elect Barack Obama this year.  In a survey made by Inside Higher....

New regulations on for-profit intuitions
For-profit colleges have got more attention on the campaign trail. President Barack Obama and Mutt Romney, Republican front runner have separate views about the....

Jamie K
Large Scale Demonstrations by California College Students
Demonstrations were recently held by Occupy Wall Street activists in California. This was a protest against education budget cuts that has since forced a campus....

Business leaders give a failing grade to higher education
Many Americans are skeptical about the academia culture and increasing tuition costs. However, they all agree that higher education is a must and better ways should....

Higher education is still more important
Adam B Sullivan, the Editor of Daily Iowan agrees with GOP hopeful Rick Santorum’s criticism of President Barack Obama as a snob for pushing increased education....

Obama asks Governors to invest more in education
President Barack Obama keeps on insisting to make college affordability. It is the main theme of his domestic policy agenda. He addressed the Members of the National....

Higher education is not just for snobs- Sheila Jackson Lee corrects Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum called President Obama a snob in a campaign rally for expressing his desire that all Americans to go to college. He blames President of placing the....

Is Santorum’s criticism on President’s higher education plan right?
Rick Santorum, the Republican President calls President Obama “a Snob”, as Obama expressed his desire that all Americans should attend college. ....

President’s controversial proposals to cut higher education
Tuition is often the determining factor for students who want to attend high cost universities. It is the issue that our President has been trying to solve. However,....

Jamie K

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