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2014 budget is hugely encouraging for Latino students
There is a cautious optimism among the Latino community educators after the budget proposal was released by President Obama recently. Prominent educators such as....

Federal subsidization would help universities to a great extent
Across the world, there are many education systems that offer highly subsidized or even free education for students. It is time our public universities like Texas....

Competency-based assessment replacing credit hours?
In our higher education system, one of the basic student progress measurement units is credit hour. A basis for federal student aid and the basic structural unit....

Jamie K
There are many ways by which we can fast realize our American Dream
Our rates of post secondary education attainment continue to plunge. Today our education system is unable to meet the current workforce demands and keep pace with....

Obama’s 2014 budget – impact on student loan rates
We have heard the story of how our President did not pay off his student loan in full until he was married with two kids. He is of course speaking from experience....

Common Core US education initiative – What it means for teachers and students?
As a part of the CCSS initiative, the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and Math are implemented in all schools right from kindergarten to 12th....

Time to visualize a great future for our higher education and work towards achieving our goals
One of the major factors that give our nation a competitive advantage is its research and development facilities. This fact is proved time and again right from Whitney’s....

Online education and the future of our academic institutions
Our college faculty and presidents are understandably worried about the future of our academic institutions. Their anxiety is justified especially with the impending....

College loan rates all set to hike and students look up to Obama full of hope
Our President is again on demand as our student advocates and democrats are looking up to him to do something about the skyrocketing college loan interest rates.....

Jamie K
Universities in US welcome President’s research boost
Our higher education institutions have enthusiastically welcomed President Obama’s announcement of $100 allocation towards the initiative to map human brain.....

Students will always prefer Traditional Lectures over Online Education
Higher Education has become a rather complicated issue in the country. With tuition fees rising drastically, a number of students hesitate in enrolling for higher....

College Renovation Capital Coming Straight from Student's Pockets
Over the last decade, cost of college has skyrocketed by 600 per cent. When it is time to apply for college, our children feel the pinch distinctly. According to....

The faculty crisis in public universities and colleges
In the University of Maine , there are a number of commencements in the mornings and afternoons during the annual graduation ceremonies to accommodate hordes of....

Will Obama’s proposal to bring down college costs see the light of the day?
A while back, our President had a plan to reduce cost of college by tying the institution’s efforts to reduce growth of tuition to federal education funds. ....

Competency-based learning encouraged by American Department of Education
Our education department is working overtime in encouraging colleges to base learning on competency. This was conveyed to them through a recent letter outlining....

Changing job scenario impacting our higher education curriculum
Our higher education system continues to be pushed by private foundations and a few governors in a bid to get more students to graduate to make our country rank....

Why overall quality of Higher Education decreasing in the country eventhough students is are paying
There was a time when the American Universities were popular all over the world for the kind of quality they offered as far as education was concerned. The overall....

Higher Education should throw more light on the value and importance of Internships
The Higher education scenario in the country is going through a tough phase. The ever growing tuition fees have turned into a burden which many families are no longer....

Jamie K
We have emerged successful from the toughtest of challenges in the past and will do so in the future
In the last few years, what educational advisors and experts have done really well in our country is to argue and debate. The issue of higher education now helps....

Teachers in South Dakota allowed carrying weapons in the Campus
For some, this is a breakthrough development while for others; this might not be news to cherish. However, the fact is that South Dakota has become the first state....


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