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Mediocre Higher Education in US Due to No Respect for Teachers
There is an agreement among the patriots in our country that the way to move forward is through higher education. The belief that a country can gain power only through....

Jamie K
President Obama continues to push states to do better with degrees
During the recession, one of the states in America that showed a decline in the college degree holder percentage between the age 25 and 64 was Washington, according....

Is higher education as we know it coming to an end?
Certainly, analysing the present situation, it looks like the current model of higher education is coming to an end. College graduates, especially the liberal arts....

Even scientists are jobless as the higher education bubble comes closer to bursting
According to a recent Washington Post article, even Stanford educated PhDs, especially in the field of chemistry cannot find lucrative jobs and forced to make do....

Romney’s plan for student loan attracts criticism
Mitt Romney has promised students that he will strive to enhance efficiency and reduce rate of loan default by bringing back private lenders to the student loan....

Jamie K
Clamping down of college loan interest rates limited in vision
Congress has successfully clamped down the college loan interest rates. Three cheers to them! Rate of student loans interest will remain at the current 3.2 per cent....

With passing of student loan bill, has Obama lost his edge with student votes?
Favourable interest rates for students have been extended and this deficit would be paid for by the federal pension insurance premiums. The student loan crisis has....

Jamie K
Time to revitalize higher education through friendly policies and lowered student loan rates
Students in America will enjoy lower rates for their student loans in keeping with the spiralling cost of education. In order to support and encourage these students,....

Value of degrees being questioned by experts and politicians
Colleges experience backlash in a cyclical process. As we know, there has been a strong crusade for “college for all” and this is being questioned by....

Is Civic Engagement the Answer to Higher Education Crisis?
In more than eighty years, this is the worst global economic crisis we have ever faced. As a result of this, an acute crisis of legitimization, organization and....

Quality of education in colleges fast declining
In the State of the Union address, President Obama said that higher education is an economic imperative, not a luxury. This means, every single family in our country....

Tenure for College Professors Must be Abolished to Improve Higher Education Standard
Invariably, whenever there is any discussion on higher education quality in our country, the focus comes around to tenure for college professors. Evidently there....

Jamie K
Focus on career oriented colleges to generate quality workforce
Our system of education is certainly at an impasse right now. A decade ago, we were on top in terms of college graduation rates. Today, we have fallen way behind....

Nationwide Education Study Shows Up Limitations and Enterprise in Texas
According to US Chamber of Commerce affiliate Institute for Competitive Workforce report released recently, the State of Texas fails in certain categories and leads....

Online Courses from Accredited Universities – A way to Strengthen American Dream
The constantly increasing cost of college is blocking our American Dream. Today, student loan debt in our country has crossed one trillion. There is fortunately....

We need more students opting for STEM classes
Ask any technology company and they will tell you how there is a sure shortage of highly skilled workers. Surprisingly some communities seem to have found an answer....

Jamie K
Student Loan Issue is About Political Credit
As expected, Washington is fighting not about interest rates on student loans being frozen but about who will get the credit for it. The 2007 enacted lower rate....

To help with personal debt, Obama lists out student loan options
There is no clear consensus on how interest rates on student loans will be prevented from doubling next month with the Congress still in a limbo over this issue.....

Will students benefit from Romney's education plan?
One of the major topics in this presidential election is student debt. As a part of his election campaign, Mitt Romney unveiled a plan that he claims will benefit....

For-profit colleges again under scanner!
For-profit colleges have never been the favourite in the field of education. In recent years, this sector has constantly been under fire by regulators and from the....

Jamie K

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