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Board of Education Florida is looking for a rise in overall Budget
Past few weeks have not been the best as far as higher education is concerned in our country. With the number of student enrollments going down along with the budget....

Americans pursuing higher education tend to have more debts
In a staggering revelation, Americans who have higher education degrees are under higher debts as compared to the ones who either did only schooling or left midway.....

Higher Education Institutes in the United States witness more applicants but less enrollments
Amidst all the loopholes that our country’s higher education system is witnessing in recent times, a few encouraging incidences and facts have also emerged.....

In which Direction is Our Country’s Higher Education System Going?
As you look around, you will find that our country’s higher education system works excellently for some students. Eventhough the tuition cost is ever increasing,....

Jamie K
We have done it yet again - A ray of hope amidst gloom
A university from our country has been crowned as the best in the world yet again. This is not the first time an American university has beaten one from the UK hands....

Many Students in our country do not buy Text Books
Education in America has always been a touch expensive. A recent survey states that students have to shell out an average of $655 on materials associated with the....

UT President believes that the Students cost could be kept Under Control at Texas
Bill Powers, President of University of Texas firmly believe that the state administration can do a world of good by offering funding at a more regular basis for....

Jamie K
Universities and Colleges in Nation offering ‘Feel Good Factor’ for its Students
Higher education has been a challenge in our country with a number of students dropping out from schools and never making it to colleges and universities. With alarms....

Social Media Sites helping Students to choose colleges and universities in a big way
The number of students opting for higher education has not been very inspiring in recent years, as far as our country concerned. Our nation is facing an issue with....

Is Higher Education able to give Respite to Global Recession?
The Education as a Glance report for the year 2012 was released very recently by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and development body. The report is a detailed....

Lesser Funds for Black Colleges
National HBCU week is being celebrated by black colleges as well as their allies. Every year, funds from federal departments and agencies reaches historically black....

Jamie K
Most of the High School Students not ready for College
According to study, majority of the students coming out from high schools all over the country are not fit for college. New data reveals that 2012 SAT reading scores....

Hunting for the right college is not as daunting as you think
Hunting for the right college is a challenging task for students and parents. Every year, thousands and thousands of students hunt around trying to find the right....

President Obama has ambitious plans for higher education
President Obama continues to commit to cut college tuition growth by 50% over the next decade in all his recent re-election campaign. Even if he wins the elections,....

Include sub-par students in mainstream and do away with remedial education
A good bit of time will be spent by a couple of million college students in our country at the remedial classes trying to figure out what they were supposed to learn....

Student activists today have to deal with diverse issues and challenges
In a bid to recreate that golden era for American youth, progressive student activists today try to take inspiration from the 1960s. What they fail to realize however....

Jamie K
Cut government spending, avoid eating into taxpayer money
Today’s stark reality in our country is the skyrocketing tuition and crumbling higher education system. Students are forced to pay a whopping $21,189 as college....

People Must Rise and Safeguard Quality of California Higher Education
America is a country that stands on a founding principle that its quality of education determines the level of self-governance. California is one of the most populous....

Jamie K
Time to Realize the Value of Transfer Students
System of higher education in our country is decentralized and there is much to be said about this. This system offers a variety of different options within all....

Choosing the Right College Ranking System Can Be Challenging
Almost every student and parent goes through college rankings before choosing one. Today, with so many ranking systems, they are also questioning their validity.....


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