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Will colleges always remain inaccessible to many students?
The cost of college education is fast rising and almost everyone in our country can vouch for this fact. Why this is happening is not always as clear. We can only....

Remedial classes must be fine-tuned at the earliest
At least 1.7 million college students in our country are sent to remedial classes every year to enable them to catch up with the regular course. Remedial classes....

Jamie K
Without higher education, there is no future for our states
Echoing the sentiments of many, University of California’s President Clark Kerr noted that educating the young is the best investment made by our society.....

Importance of technical and trade education cannot be under estimated
It is the duty of every single American to make a commitment towards higher education said President Obama in his state of union address. Rick Santorum, the Republican....

Time to focus on quality of education rather than on luxurious five star facilities at universities
A recent Washington Times editorial pointed out to our highly dysfunctional K-12 education system that works towards forcing all students towards college irrespective....

Bold and innovative steps essential to push education reforms forward
Bush administration developed a school reform agenda which was broadened by our President and Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education. As a result, there is increased....

Dreams of graduating students crushed by huge student loan debt
Graduation season is here and our college and high school grads are yet again facing the gloomy prospect of having to pay off crushing student loan debt. Student....

Jamie K
All our youngsters are asking is for a fair shot at education
Estrella Mountain community college commenced on May 11th after a commencement ceremony with hopes of creating a new generation of inquirers, innovators, business....

Stop burdening private sector schools
The importance of higher education has been stressed upon by our President time and again. He has set a goal of achieving two million more college graduates in our....

Will Stafford loans further burden the already suffering students?
Federal lawmakers are being urged by students of Pennsylvania colleges to restrain from hiking student loan rates further. They wish to strike this deal as the cost....

An overview of the CED report
CED or the Committee for Economic Development has released a report on boosting performance of post-secondary education. Sadly, the authors of the report have not....

Skill acquisition and creative thinking essential for growth
In our country, at present, higher education is under scanner. American prosperity has always depended strongly on higher education which in turn has enjoyed bi-partisan....

Is taking on a huge student loan debt the only solution?
Some of the programs suggested by our President in his recent speeches on higher education affordability completely miss the mark. Stafford Student Loans are set....

Jamie K
Taxpayers bear the brunt – yet again!
It is certainly not fair on our government to fund pricey education for the elite few Americans who attend only the top, best universities with tax funds from a....

Report Recommendations to be followed by Community Colleges in Pennsylvania
Community colleges in our country, according to a new report, must be redesigned as this is a way to enhance our country’s competitiveness. According to leaders....

Jamie K
Democrat and Republican Candidates Agree Upon Lower College Costs
Lowering college costs is an issue that has to be addressed on a war footing. In order to urge colleges to cut costs, our President is all set to head for campuses.....

Texas technical colleges want to link state funding and employment outcomes
Performance based state funding has become a norm everywhere and colleges in Texas are no exception. They are all set to find ways to improve performance even as....

Investing in higher education is definitely worth it
Throughout his term, our President has emphasized on higher education and this has turned the focus of politicians, companies and schools in our country towards....

There is no way public higher education can fail says President Obama
Recently, our President made another effort towards sprucing up our higher education system by calling on governors to invest more in this field, including in public....

Jamie K
Time to Use Available Higher Ed Opportunities to Bring About a Change
White House, Congress and the media have finally deemed it the right time to debate on ways to address the issue of constantly rising college tuition fees. We have....


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