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  • Obama says higher education is an economic necessity
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 22-Aug-2012
  • In his weekly address, our President stressed on the fact that higher education is no more a luxury but an economic necessity. Families can get ahead only if we strive to rebuild our economy, he said.

    Our country’s future depends entirely on our children’s future and it is therefore very important for us to focus on the same. Teachers play a major role here, he said. He complimented them saying that most teachers today realize the economic situation we are in and are willing to work tirelessly for a modest pay. Sometimes, he said that they also dig into their own pockets to provide essential supplies for their schools.

    He pointed out to various facts and figures in his speech. We have lost at least 300,000 education jobs since the year 2009 predominantly due to local and state level budget cuts. Thousands of educators this year will not be going back to school and this is an alarming situation.

    This is a practical catastrophe for our country especially at a time when the entire world is racing ahead trying to outpace our country. In most of our schools today, classrooms are over-crowded, school week and year are shortened and even at the kindergarten and pre-school level, programs are cancelled.

    President Obama pointed out that we should actually be doing just the opposite of what is happening. Education must be top priority for states in their budgets. He said that even if the economic situation is tough, higher education must be given top priority. As this affects the entire country, Congress must work closely with states to find a solution.

    He pointed out that the reason why a part of the job bills sent last September to Congress included measures to prevent layoffs in states by offering support. Here he had stressed on the need to immediately rehire teachers. He pointed out that a year later, thousands more teachers have been laid off. Nothing has been done about this by the Congress, he said.

    The situation would only worsen if the economic plan voted for in Congress by all Republicans came through. Education will face further funding cuts and this will directly lead to fewer teachers and very few students who can actually afford college. All these funding cuts directly fill up coffers left empty by massive tax cuts offered to billionaires.

    President Obama said that we are going in the wrong direction and this is no way to invest in our future. America must lead in the 21st century and for this the best possible education must be made accessible to all.

    He pointed out that this was the sole reason for the introduction of national competition. This helped our schools improve and raise standards. He said that enhanced flexibility has been given to states on No Child Left Behind program and there has been increased investment in science and math education.

    Student loan programs have been reformed and students have been placed in front of profit-making lenders and banks. He pointed out that financial aid has been increased for millions of students in our country as higher education is a necessity and educating our children is the only way to ensure a bright future.


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