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Budget cuts may prove costly for students
The recent budget cuts may prove very costly for the students. According to experts, this will directly in result in students paying more every single year. Currently,....

Are all Degree Holders across our nation ready for a job?
Education is extremely important. It is the stepping stone towards success. Students who enroll themselves for a degree course are more or less secured about their....

National survey shows Americans are focused more on quality of education
For most Americans, achieving financial security by landing a good job depends entirely on higher education. However, there is increasing scepticism regarding affordability....

Wait and Watch approach is the best as far as MOOCs are concerned
Looking at recent activities in the higher education scenario, it is evident that one of the major changes set to transform the higher education scenario is MOOC....

Will measures outlined in the State of Union address be implemented or not?
On many aspects, our President and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio disagree. Both of them however agree on one important aspect namely the method by which Washington....

Are results guaranteed by increase in funding?
One of the on-going debates in our country is whether progress is actually driven by access to increased funding or whether additional funds just help universities....

Higher education leaders are surprised by our President’s proposals on accreditation
In his State of the Union address, our President did not talk about accreditation. After the speech however he released the supplemental document where he made it....

Enormous changes in higher education on the cards?
On 12th February, our president gave the much awaited State of the Union address. He challenged all Americans to think on a large scale pointing out that as Americans....

Jamie K
American higher education institutions geared up to face challenges
A lot of us are worried about the future of our colleges and universities. Even when we are wondering about the fate of our higher education, there are thinkers....

Time for parents and students to consider all options before taking private loans
After they are out of federal options, students have no choice but to reach out for private student loans if they want to attend college. For those who have no credit....

How are higher education, tuition and jobs connected?
Our higher education prospect continues to be grim with alarming news aired every few days. As far as our miserable job prospects and skyrocketing tuition are concerned....

Jamie K
Our higher education system is not on the verge of collapse as we think
There is a massive scepticism among doomsayers that for-profit companies, online courses and shadowy entrepreneurs are going to make higher education so cheap that....

Build a Strong Higher Education System Based on Current Information Ecosystem
If you look around, you will find that there are not many traditional learners today. Even the term ‘higher education’ does not have a common definition.....

American Higher Education is All Set to Transform its Landscape
It is a good sign that experts and thinkers are actually feeling bullish about our higher education potential. To be frank however all of them are worried about....

President Obama, what are your plans for higher education second time around?
Our president has defined higher education as a cornerstone of his legacy drawing upon historical examples that transformed this landscape. Responding to a growing....

Jamie K
Will Reforms in Higher-Education Continue?
Our presidential elections 2012 did not bring up any significant ideas for higher education reform and turnaround. Mitt Romney inadvertently praised a Florida based....

Value for Money declining at a rapid pace as far as Higher Education in America is concerned
There was a time when no University outside America could claim to be as good. The quality of higher education remained unmatched in our country till just a decade....

How can America recruit and retain its best teachers?
Higher Education is going through a very tough phase across America at the moment. Nothing seems to be going in the right direction and this is a major sign of worry....

Jamie K
American Parents – It is time to take the help of consumer guides to choose colleges for your kids
American Parents – It is time to take the help of consumer guides to choose colleges for your kids Over the years, a number of university ranking systems....

Change in the American Higher Education Scenario
To be well educated is very important in today’s competitive age. We should definitely complete our higher education if we want to establish a good career.....

Jamie K

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