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Can no-fee degrees actually become a fiscal reality?
Contrary to what is happening in many countries across the world, certain states in US are a part of a movement that calls for free university studies. Rather than....

Transforming role of businesses in higher education
At the University of South Florida, there is an ongoing mission to create a master’s degree curriculum in cyber security. A team of ten faculty experts have....

Relevance of community engagement in higher education
Today there is immense pressure on all to reduce college cost and make our education as relevant as possible. When it comes to justifying relevance, we are often....

Higher education tax breaks – should they be abolished?
Ask any parent today and they will tell you how colleges are hideously expensive and completely unaffordable. At some of the most prestigious colleges, students....

Jamie K
Tuition-free education – is this the only solution?
One of the most popular topics doing the round now is the impact free tuition will have on the student debt situation. Students now face a tough situation where....

Obama's higher education rating system - will it work?
There is heated argument all around since our President introduced the college rating system. The administration opines that it is imperative to have such a rating....

The American student continues to be plagued by debt
Many a student come filled with a lot of emotions, dreams and aspirations. They step into the college premises accompanied by their loving families hoping to eventually....

Prepare students for higher education by developing sustainable assessment metrics
One of the areas that must be focused upon while developing metrics and models of federal higher education rating is the role played by this field in preparing students....

Time to put on our thinking caps and develop progressive and sustainable higher education models
Time to put on our thinking caps and develop progressive and sustainable higher education models Just like a few major industries that have disintegrated in terms....

Time for a major change in American Higher Education
Higher education enterprise is predominantly served by industries and in our country sadly, state of the industry is definitely broken even as there is a continuing....

Privatization of American Public Education
There is no disputing the fact that our public higher is no longer securely intact. Tuition prices are very high fuelled by state budget cuts and our country today....

Do older women earn more with higher education?
Recent studies show that among women and men aged 50 or above, higher education seems to be paying off women more than men. Even among the seniors aged 75 and above,....

What is the status of MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses?
A question many ask now is whether MOOCs have failed. Just a couple of years ago, a trend-setting internet revolution were predicted by advocates of MOOC. These....

Scepticism among college presidents over Obama’s affordable higher education promotion plan
Our President does indeed have elaborate plans to ensure students are able to access higher education in an affordable manner and are able to make informed choices.....

Conditions to be met to Participate at the Meeting of College Leaders at White House
A meet is scheduled shortly for college leaders at the White House called for by our President. There is however a condition that comes with this offer. Anyone wishing....

Higher education helps students secure a good future
As compared to students with associate’s degrees, students with bachelor’s degree earn over 20% more. They also earn 97% more than students without a....

Jamie K
New Course Designs on the Cards for Higher Education Institutions in Maryland
The Senate was informed by Maryland’s Chancellor that the state would be pioneering brand new course designs for higher education very soon. This is welcome....

Is it possible to bridge the opportunity gap in US?
There is no questioning the fact that our country is now facing a severe opportunity gap. A completely different pattern is evident today contrary to what our country....

Will women bring about the much needed change in higher education?
There is no doubt that our higher education needs a massive revamping and transformation. There is a lot of talk going around about how students and lawmakers are....

Federal Performance Funding Plan and its Implications
Colleges in our country are more than ever forced to prove the value for their product. Higher education faces a future where funding will be based purely on performance....


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