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  • Budget cuts may prove costly for students
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 11-Mar-2013
  • The recent budget cuts may prove very costly for the students. According to experts, this will directly in result in students paying more every single year. Currently, the situation across the country regarding higher education is already not stable with many parents feeling the heat of paying the ever increasing tuition fees. To make matters worse, the recent budget cuts certainly do not point towards any kind of encouragement.

    The grants have been reduced for students. The Student Aid Alliance which consists of 77 members as of now is pushing fellow students to protect against the budget cuts and fight for their own rights. There is not much good news for students coming from financial backward families as well.

    Today, the situation across the country demands a hike in grants as far as underprivileged students are concerned. However, what is happening currently just seems to be the contrast of what should.
    Grants have been decreased considerably for students falling in the financially backward class.

    This will further mean that more numbers of families will now hesitate from enrolling their child into higher education. Over the last few years, the United States of America is already witnessing a considerable drop in the number of students attending and enrolling in higher education.

    The economy is certainly not doing well. Various aspects have had a telling impact on it and the country has already started to face its consequences. It was only last year when educational experts from different parts of the country were demanding a rise in the overall higher education budget. They believe that the funding should go up in order to resolve the issue. Well, very few of them must have imagined that the budget will actually become more compact instead of spreading itself.

    The Budget Cuts also mean that a time has come wherein only limited students across the country an afford higher education. Once can claim that we are going towards the good old times wherein education was a luxury which only a handful could afford. Unfortunately, instead of moving forward, the country and economy seems to be travelling in the reverse gear. Already, a number of backward families are looking for options other then higher education for their children. There is a fear amongst educational administrators that a further cut in budget will only make matters worse.

    It is not just the students who are going to be affected with this decision. Colleges are also going to find it extremely hard to cope up with it. To begin with, there will be a drastic decrease in the number of enrollments. Lesser number of students would mean less accumulation of funds. This will certainly have an impact on the overall facilities that the college offers to its students.

    Well, one can only hope and pray that the decision is reviewed and a concrete solution comes up from some corner of the country. America wants more students in classrooms.


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