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  • Change in the American Higher Education Scenario
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 11-Jan-2013
  • To be well educated is very important in today’s competitive age. We should definitely complete our higher education if we want to establish a good career. Almost all of us know today that in order to develop and sustain our economy we must preserve the level of competitiveness in the higher education field.

    We feel that the dream of each and every American can be achieved only if we are given a chance to complete our studies. Experts opine that our education system requires a lot of innovations and changes as this is the only way we will remain a global leader.

    A national opinion poll was conducted to see if our education system really needs a change, most of the Americans stated that there has to be some kind of innovational change. Most of them who demanded a change are under 30 years of age.

    Many feel that we have always been very proud of our higher education system and are feel positive about the future. The challenges are increasing day by day, if the system doesn’t change in keeping with the changing trends, we may have to face a lot of issues.

    A change in the system will ensure a complete guarantee to meet the challenges in the future. The present education system in our country is good, but we still feel there should be a certain change so as to match the potential future competitions.

    To achieve the American dream, higher education is very important. Many consider college as a good investment, as it provides intellectual benefits which in turn help our students find jobs with ease. For most Americans, college is a necessary investment that will pave way for a bright, prosperous future.

    The only obstacle in our higher education system is the cost of college. Due to the very high cost of college, most of the middle-class here can’t afford higher studies. Though they deserve it, many are unable to obtain a degree to further their prospects. 

    A recent survey showed that instead of classroom model, we can access education through online programs. Many will prefer online education as an appropriate option, as it gives the same quality of education as any normal degree.

    With such a benefit, experts feel that online education will replace traditional education in near future.   Many people believe that there should be a certain hybrid education modules for those who are working but want to go back to school for degree completion.

    Although online education system proves to be beneficial, there are some who still don’t agree with that model. These are the people who feel that hybrid learning techniques in the traditional education model is far better for students than online courses.

    With so many challenges we face in the near future, it won’t be surprising if we see a complete revolution in our education system. It is time to wake up, develop a sustainable model that will benefit students and will place our country on the path to progress.


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