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Common Higher Education Mistakes Students and Policymakers Must Avoid
When it comes to discussion on price of colleges, there is a strong disconnect of late. Some people argue that low income students can benefit from practically free....

What is happening to our President’s push for free community colleges?
Even though there has been a lot of talk about making colleges debt free by the aspiring successors from the Democratic party there is no indication of our President’s....

Do I automatically get good quality education if I pay high tuition fees?
There is no disputing the fact that the cost of higher education in our country is rising continuously. More number of people today are always stressing about how....

Jamie K
What we must do to turn around our ailing higher education system
Today, without doubt, our higher education system lacks the credibility it showcased about a decade back. There are many obvious reasons for this including certain....

Urgent need to narrow down the gap between aspirations and outcome
Widening disparities between rich and poor students in the field of higher education were startlingly revealed in two different articles published recently. There....

Reworking American higher education – is it even possible?
Just listen to our presidential candidates carefully. All you can hear from them are lofty promises of a better future through growth and jobs. What we do realize....

Jamie K
When students return to colleges, where are the committed teachers?
Our president recently announced his revolutionary community college plan. His intentions are good and the plan as such may actually work well. However, what is....

Apprenticeship – Will it make an impact on our higher education?
Today, in our country, there is a definite rebirth of apprenticeship. This fact is confirmed in the American Council on Education report. How far is apprenticeship....

2015 State of the Union President address synopsis
In his State of the Union address, our President put forth quite a few glaring issues. He started his address with a question – if only a part of us do well,....

President Obama stresses on improving higher education affordability
 The aim of our president is to make sure that each and every American willing to study is able to access and afford higher education. Obama said in his weekly....

Performance based funding and its implications
There are increased efforts by our administration to enhance student progress and to improve completion rate by rewarding higher education institutions with performance....

Student Debt – What is the Actual Scenario?
Our government is terribly dysfunctional when it comes to handling the student loan debt that surpasses $1 trillion. A huge portfolio of delinquent and default loans....

Jamie K
The TechHire initiative to develop high technology workforce
The TechHire initiative was announced by our President recently placing a strong emphasis on tech education like coding boot camps, community colleges and online....

Implications of President Obama’s ambitious plan to protect student loan borrowers
 A couple of day’s back, our President unveiled a plan to ensure that student loan borrowers did not have to carry a huge burden as they have been doing.....

Lessons learnt in 2014 through education research
Thousands of pieces of educational research in the form of doctoral dissertations, research papers, studies and conference presentations are churned out each year.....

Jamie K
Will the 2016 budget enhance opportunities and affordability in our higher education?
Our economy is fast recovering, thanks to the determination and hard work of our businesses and of course our citizens. Our President has taken a lot of effort in....

Turning around our higher education system is much more than promising free education
Recently, President Barack Obama proposed to offer free education to two-year community colleges. Calling this America’s College Promise, he sees this as a....

Most states struggling with higher education spending
In recent decades, funding for higher education in states has declined drastically. This trend may come under increased scrutiny in the wake of our president’s....

Budget request to Congress from President Obama to boost higher education
A budget request was sent by our President to the Congress recently to enhance higher education federal funding and to change certain student loan repayment options....

Jamie K
Is it time to offer free public education for every single American?
There is no doubt that our country is seeing trying times as far as higher education is concerned. What with the skyrocketing tuition frees, students being saddled....


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