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Being Focused – Balancing Academics And Extra-Curricular Activities
It can be a challenge to strike the right balance between academics and extra-curricular activities when you are trying to manage both. On one hand, you’ve....

H W.
Mom’s Going Back To School!
The road can be quite uphill for moms pursuing higher education as it can be quite a challenge to make the various adjustments that go with getting back to the....

H W.
Columbine Survivors Strive to Succeed
It is difficult to believe that it has been ten years since the world-shattering bloody massacre of Columbine occurred. So much has happened since that day and yet....

Web over the mind…
We were sent to a number of tuitions, extra classes and study groups who helped us to solve our study problems after school. But this practice has become....

New programs for children with disabilities
Life is not easy for the visually impaired. Because of their abnormalities they can be socially withdrawn. This can also stem from bad social experiences especially....

Weird vacation
The sudden spread of swine flu in USA has led to panic. People from other countries are canceling their trips and business tours to the USA. In the country, people....

Jamie K
Milking trouble in schools
Are you very impressed with Sean Penn’s Oscar winning role as Harvey Milk in the film Milk? If so, then you better be very careful. The Civil rights union....

Recession over retirement plans
Recession has come to the schools and the universities. Everyone is trying to save what they have and what they can. In a recent article in the New York Times, The....

Jamie K
Living hand to mouth
 With the economic slow down, the lawyers, bankers and journalists all over the country have accepted the cut in pay and are going without raises to stay employed....

Grace W
Gambling away school money!
Recession has hit nations across the globes. There are cuts downs and lay offs is ever sphere. Hence schools are not spared either. there are many cases of financial....

Jamie K

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