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  • Web over the mind…
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  • Brian A
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  • 19-May-2009
  • We were sent to a number of tuitions, extra classes and study groups who helped us to solve our study problems after school. But this practice has become old and one doesn’t look forward to seeking help from such people.
    So where do the youngsters go with their problems? They of course turn to the worldwide web for their solutions. A recent article in
    the NY times stated that students are going commercial. They seek help from websites that offer step by step solutions to text book problems, answers to previous examinations, paraphrasing literary classics and even online tuitions for physics and mathematics.

    A student stated that it was a back up system for them. He said that many a times when they get a math problem wrong in a test, the professor doesn’t offer an answer to them. Therefore, when you search for answers on the website, you automatically receive them. Some sites like these are Cramster, Course Hero, Koofers and Spark notes ects. In many ways these sites complete the feedback process and the students rely on them for solutions.
    Of course professors and academics who know about this are against it. It may be because some think that these sites help students to cheat and not apply their minds. They get away easily with readymade answers.

    Some of these sites also give out details on research papers and previous examination papers. Students can use this to write their assignments and projects. Again, it is using someone else’s work. Students do not realize the fact that if they do struggle and make mistakes, they will never make it big the right way. Every time there wouldn’t be someone to help them out like this.

    Therefore, some professors state that they don’t mind the websites but also say that it is a professor’s job to set new exam papers for the students each time. So that they can apply their minds better and work with their logic.


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