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  • Gambling away school money!
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 01-Jun-2009
  • Recession has hit nations across the globes. There are cuts downs and lay offs is ever sphere. Hence schools are not spared either. there are many cases of financial repercussions for schools and school districts announced now. Families alike will bare the brunt of this situation.

    There have been talks going on whether the government of United State of America will plan to restart the private tuitions and special education classes offered to students in schools.

    There is a case going against the Oregon high school where a student’s parent enrolled him and this residential school costs $ 2500 a month after he became a heavy marijuana user. The student had also run away from home once.

    The school did not allow this student into the special educational service program offered at the school this was done ever after the student’s counselor knew of his learning inability, violent and angry outbursts. The student also has a history behavioral problems behind him.

    This was done because the district evaluation board only checks whether the student has any learning disabilities, the lawyer representing the boy stated. Although many teachers at the school suspected that the student might have further problems they never had him evaluated. Hence the help was refused.

    But school on its part says that there is no reimbursement to be given to this student as he never received any special education classes in the first place. But disability rights advocates state that this reimbursement should be allowed even for students who were not in special education category. This is because due to the schools overlooking these students have to waste time in class where they don’t learn a thing instead of taking special classes.

    They are now blaming the school for diverting the funds else where instead of making use of them for needy students who require special classes.


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