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  • Weird vacation
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  • Jamie K
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  • 21-May-2009
  • The sudden spread of swine flu in USA has led to panic. People from other countries are canceling their trips and business tours to the USA.

    In the country, people are worried that they might be unlikely victims to the disease. Therefore, the government recently announced that all schools remain shut for the whole week. While this comes as a pleasant surprise to children and parents, the children are making the most of this new found freedom.

    Given the panic the parents are feeling, some of them are not allowing their kids to step out of the house. Others are taking them to work with them. Says a kid playing video game at the back of a salon, “My mom doesn’t want to let me out of her sight!

    Although she is bored, she cannot do anything else. Children, who are older, are on a discovery spree. They are out on a city on a weekday. People are suddenly surprised to school kids browsing through malls, stores and parks where they were not allowed to go unsupervised.

    A librarian at the Queen’ s state library stated that she was ok with the kids coming and going as long as they did not mess with anything around. If they did not get into any trouble they would be welcome there.

    A day care center volunteer said that many children are being left alone at home while their go to work. It is a major panic situation. Parents are worried that the flu is spreading at a rapid space.

    While parents and schools are taking all the precautions necessary, kids on the other hand are enjoying the week off. “Too bad my mom doesn’t know where all I have been today. She told me to stay home,” says Kathy, 15.



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