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  • New programs for children with disabilities
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  • Brian A
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  • 21-May-2009
  • Life is not easy for the visually impaired. Because of their abnormalities they can be socially withdrawn. This can also stem from bad social experiences especially which take place in schools.

    Such kids with no vision or partial vision can be teased endlessly and hence they remain withdrawn from people. This makes it more difficult for them to make transitions into their adult lives. To make these transitions easier, the students who are visually impaired require a lot of confidence boost. This will be done only through a lot of vocational, social and personal development.

    Schools organize summer transition programs for such students where they will be helped by other students their age and teachers. This program entails social activities and group activities. Therefore, trying to bring these students out of their cocoons. A new study in the spring of 2009 stated in the issue of AER Journal: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness reports on such students’ evaluation after one year of a summer program.

    The competencies list was administered before the students entered their first year and again before they started their second year. Researchers focused on the two check lists and compared them. The results were surprising. It so happened the students who used Braille that is who were visually impaired and the students who read from a regular book had no difference between them. These students had excelled in areas of knowledge of career options.

    I think more and more such programs should be introduced for children with other disabilities. This will help them take up challenges and face the world. But most importantly, they will be able to succeed in their lives. Therefore, more and more schools should look up to such ideas. And regular students can be of help to the visually impaired ones. 


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