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  • Mom’s Going Back To School!
  • Posted By:
  • H W.
  • Posted On:
  • 26-Feb-2009

  • The road can be quite uphill for moms pursuing higher education as it can be quite a challenge to make the various adjustments that go with getting back to the classroom.  Unfortunately, the situation is such that there are very few mothers who go ahead and get their bachelor’s degree. In an informal interview conducted with several women who are student mothers to get an insight into why some are successful and why others find it so challenging, the following reasons were the most prominent:

    Challenges Faced:

    The biggest challenge faced by moms pursuing higher education is handling the costs. This can be further broken up into childcare costs, housing and tuition costs. They find it hard to focus on their studies in the classroom while they are wondering whether their child is safe and being taken good care of. The issue with housing can decide whether she can actually pursue higher studies. The next big expense is tuition costs that can be prohibitive. In spite of this when she goes ahead and gets her degree, she might also end up with a lot of debt.

    Some Solutions That Could Alleviate The Challenges:

    To overcome some of the challenges listed above, having a personal support network can help in a big way. If there are grandparents to look after the kids while mom is at school, she can study in peace and also manage to get some personal time to relax. For single mothers, other single parents can be of help in taking turns to look after the kids.

    Moms have to develop a sense of belonging to the campus. This can greatly encourage them to succeed in getting their degree. In addition to this, planning in advance for the week ahead can also help. It is very important to be organized if you want to do the things you plan to do. Most of all, it is crucial not to lose sight of your dreams of getting an education that can make a difference in your life.



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