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College Preparation and Tests
Getting ready to go to college involves much more than just shopping for school clothes like you did when you were younger. Wouldn't it be nice if that were all....

Transition from High School to College
Ok. So you are about to graduate high school and looking ahead to college. Your life will soon be drastically different: independence, new classes, and all those....

George M
Going Back to School - Continuing Education for Adults
Perhaps you want to pursue a new career, or make more money, or just add more purpose to your life. For whatever reasons that you’ve decided to go back to....

George M
California wins the First Windfall for Education
Recently California received a whopping 3 billion dollars for all of its school and post secondary institutions from the Federal government. This money is a part....

Face the Music Facebook!
So now it seems that if you communicate with your friends or go sneaking in the background on Facebook, your grades in school will drop by less than one grade point.....

Jan R
Mental Health on Campus an Issue
It would seem that finally the officials are looking further into the mental health of students on university's campuses. Many students are coming to class with....

University Extra Fees are Ridiculous
Instead of coming right out and saying this is the tuition and cost of attending your university of choice, many schools are making up for the risings costs and....

Jan R
Ivy League Schools are being Denied
What else could happen in this economic death spiral of an economy? Parents are being laid off in droves and savings are being ravaged to pay for bills and rent.....

Jamie K
Boise University and Proper Decorum
According to a recent study at Boise University, very few of the professors of different programs thought that they needed to actually teach how to behave professionally.....

Jan R
University Bans Smoking!
At last The University of Michigan is banning smoking on all three campuses at Flint, Dearborn and Ann Arbor. This ban will be campus wide starting in July 2011.....

Jamie K

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