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Young Teachers are needed in the Inner City
According to the Washington Post, the education of the most vulnerable students in the United States is left up to the teachers who have most recently graduated.....

Jamie K
A Student's Future is Not Too Bright
This is not the best year to graduate in case you have not noticed. According to a Reuters report, many thousands of graduates across the nation will not be able....

Grace W
The Swine Flu is Spreading!
So on top of the lingering economy and other dreadful news, students now have to make strict accomodations for the swine flu. Students are asked to wear masks and....

Wikipedia is on the Naughty List
One professor is putting her foot down and is banning any use of Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo or any other web search engine. Tara Brabazon, a lecturer from the University....

Grace W
Kent State in a Building Mode
Kent State University is all set to build a new College of Public Health and to hire 25 new faculty members with a dean to oversee its operations. It will cost over....

Chinese Students Are Increasing in Numbers!
There appears to be a real upsurge in the number of applicants from China to the universities in the United States. This is a wonderful finding since the students....

Notre Dame Loses out on Honor!
It seems that the University of Notre Dame has come up against a brick wall in the Catholic religion and has had to break tradition. Every year a distinguished and....

Business Schools aren't that Busy
According to the Wall Street Journal, Graduate Students of any Business School are finding that there are fewer offers this year as in previous years. Formerly,....

Jan R
Swine Flu is a Real Beast!
No matter what you choose to name it, the swine flu is spreading and taking more casualties with it. Schools and camps are closing, social and senior groups are....

Business Schools are Looking for Leadership
Even though you have the marks and the references to enter a top-notch business school, here are some tips on how you can make you resume look even better for the....

Jamie K

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