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  • California wins the First Windfall for Education
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 19-Apr-2009
  • Recently California received a whopping 3 billion dollars for all of its school and post secondary institutions from the Federal government. This money is a part of the strategy to stop the downward trend in public education. However, many are concerned that this money is just a band-aid solution and will not address the needs of the children or the schools.

    California’s state public schools stand to receive 2.6 billion dollars, which is roughly $413 per student, and two universities, U. of California and California State University, will split the remaining 537 million. However, the authorities state that, even though they are honored to receive the money, it will not solve most of their financial woes.

    The funds are available due to the federal government’s State Fiscal Stabilization Fund for all states and all educational institutions. Governor Schwarzenegger worked hard to get his application in first and it was approved first ahead of any other state. California, as well as any other state, may also apply next year for the final amount of the stabilization formula to bulk up their school systems.

    Initially, the money was to be used to stave off any lay-offs of teachers in the different cities and towns. But most school boards are reserving the money for supplies and text books and going ahead with the planned lay-offs because they fear this is a one time only offer of cash. If the money is spent on teachers, the problem will still be around a year or so down the road. Supplies, new gyms, lunch programs and textbooks are where the money should go according to the board executives. In other words, do more with less money!

    The cash bonus was well received and appreciated but there is still plenty of room for improvement!


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