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Will our President’s Effort to Boost Education Bear Fruit?
In a few days, our President will address the Lackawanna College, Pennsylvania and talk about making college affordable for the middle class. This will be a part....

Jamie K
Time for supporters of charter schools to take a long look at crackdown on for-profit colleges
Are you a charter school supporter or operator? It is then time to take a long look at the Obama administration’s intention and efforts on for-profit school....

$2 Billion Grant for Community Colleges
In keeping with the efforts of our President to enhance quality and improve American higher education, there has been an announcement by higher education officials....

Jamie K
Higher Ed Department Must Protect Student Borrowers from Unscrupulous Schools
Time for Higher Ed Department to Protect Student Borrowers from Unscrupulous Schools There have been many efforts by the higher education department in our country....

More Trouble Brewing for Private, For-Profit Schools?
Senate democrats were told by an Obama administration official recently that for-profit school that leave students with huge debts even as they benefit immensely....

American schools face great difficulty with illegal immigrant students
Illegal immigrants in our country are now facing a tough time. Pressure continues to mount against them across the country even as non-citizen students are being....

Is this the worst financial situation for US Higher Education?
There is serious skepticism among leaders, policymakers and education advocates regarding the productivity and long term viability of US higher education. This concern....

Analytic Capability, Critical Thinking and Collaboration Essential for College Prep
Have you been following the alarming college graduation and admission data recently? In spite of this strong evidence, we find districts proceeding with measures....

Find out the reasons why Community Colleges Fail?
Certain amount of well deserved respect is finally been given to our community colleges. These colleges have always been overlooked. Pledging support to these colleges....

Obama offers option of consolidating federal and government backed private loans
Halloween is not far away and kids in all households are eagerly awaiting their candy. Do you see how President Obama is courting young voters with the student debt....


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