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Prankster Athletes in Trouble
Two students at Central Connecticut State University and one former football student are on interim suspension for causing....

Jamie K
Student Loans Agency sent a Private Email
It finally happened. The office which is in charge of Student Loan information mistakenly sent private information....

Jan R
High tuition fees taking its toll on low income students
The ongoing global recession has put many a student in great debt. This problem has grown to great proportions with the topic finding place in....

Is higher education in America in a transition period?
Higher education in American is all set for a major change and transition as is evident with the way of functioning of universities and colleges....

Loan Options for Higher Education Students in Kentucky
Today, it is possible for parents, students and even schools to choose their higher education loan source by just contacting the congressmen in Washington.....

Is working your way through college a myth?
It was not very long ago in our country that college students were actually able to pay their way through college. Contrary to continuing myth, today it is just....

Higher Education should be easily accessible to every American
Each and every American should be able to access higher education, says our President in his weekly address. He reiterated his commitment to offering our students....

Jamie K
What colleges must do to promote mental health for graduate students
Meghan Duffy, University of Michigan; Carly Thanhouser, University of Michigan, and Daniel Eisenberg, University of Michigan Sara did not expect much to come....

More American students are studying abroad, new data show
Kelsey Hrubes knew she had a challenge on her hands when she visited Germany as a study abroad student back in 2015. “I was forced to adapt to cultural....

Finding a Good Academic Advisor
Finding a good academic advisor is important for a doctoral course or other similar higher education programs. The choice of the academic advisor determines the....

Jon P.

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