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Where are our bright and capable teachers?
Analyze and you will not find it difficult identifying reasons for the sharp fall in the quality of our teaching. Teachers unions that were hitherto protecting those....

How do we Americans succeed in today’s knowledge based economy?
Our nation today has to deal with many challenges not the least of them being global, domestic and political turmoil. It is time to always keep in mind our strength....

American Higher Education is All Set to Transform its Landscape
It is a good sign that experts and thinkers are actually feeling bullish about our higher education potential. To be frank however all of them are worried about....

Obama’s Educational Excellence Initiative Must Comprehensively Address All Minority Issues
A White House initiative was recently established through an executive order written by our President. This initiative that will be housed in the Education Department....

High tuitions costs and student debts keep Affordable higher education at bay
Financial investment logic is being used to justify borrowing huge amounts of money for higher education. The idea being propagated is that if the student has a....

Jamie K
Time for further regulations by Obama administration to regulate for-profit college student debts
 Efforts are underway to identify any abuse of students by for-profit colleges by the Obama administration. Only litigations and bitterness continues from the....

Senator Warren talks about measures to avoid doubling of interest rates in July
We are all aware of the possible inflation of student loan rates of interest. As the deadline approaches, no feasible approach has been agreed upon by the Congress....

The American student continues to be plagued by debt
Many a student come filled with a lot of emotions, dreams and aspirations. They step into the college premises accompanied by their loving families hoping to eventually....

Tips For Money Management For College Students
Managing money well is a challenging task for most college students. Though most college students have good support of their parents, it is very important for students....

Jamie W
Stephen Hawking Gave Us a Scare
The entire world had a bit of a wake-up call when esteemed scientist, Stephen Hawking, was rushed off to the hospital a few days ago. He is expected....


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