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University Extra Fees are Ridiculous
Instead of coming right out and saying this is the tuition and cost of attending your university of choice, many schools are making up for the risings costs and....

Jan R
Ivy League Schools are being Denied
What else could happen in this economic death spiral of an economy? Parents are being laid off in droves and savings are being ravaged to pay for bills and rent.....

Jamie K
Boise University and Proper Decorum
According to a recent study at Boise University, very few of the professors of different programs thought that they needed to actually teach how to behave professionally.....

Jan R
University Bans Smoking!
At last The University of Michigan is banning smoking on all three campuses at Flint, Dearborn and Ann Arbor. This ban will be campus wide starting in July 2011.....

Jamie K
Markoff too Good to Be True
Remember the old adage, ‘If it looks too good to be true, then it isn’t’? I took a bit of poetic license with that one but really, no one is perfect....

Homecoming too Rowdy
Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada has finally cancelled an alumni homecoming in the autumn season. The past few years' homecoming events  have....

A Sign of the Times
Students are finally appreciating the worth of their education and choosing wisely which college, university or courses they will pick. When the economy started....

Jan R
Two Thumbs Up
Everyone is making donations these days to their favorite universities or colleges. If you have any spare change and want a wing or a center named after yourself....

Jamie K
Top Ranking School
The University of Virginia has some celebrating to do! This esteemed school was chosen one of the top Graduate Schools in the United States for five of its Graduate....

Grace W
Penn State Rocks the Economy
According to a recent article in the philly.com, Penn State University is the largest employer and the single largest contributor to the economy of the....


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