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The State of Texas Caps Tuition
The State of Texas has put a cap on the cost of tuition for any state run universities which will send a great message....

Jamie K
Book Store Student Shot
The town of Middletown and the campus of Wesleyan University have renewed their calls for vigilance in the....

When Education and Religion Get Confused
The situation at the University of Notre Dame is getting quite a bit of publicity and controversy. The Harvard Law Professor refused to accept the time- honored....

Bristol Palin Speaks out
Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of Sarah Palin, has come forward as an advisor to teens to practice abstinence. I think....

Parent's Dilemma
Where is it written that all children must attend university or college as soon as they graduate post secondary school?  In today’s....

Jamie K
Zinkhan's Body is Found
The body of the College professor, who shot three people about a week ago at an outdoor theater in Athens, has been found. He had shot his ex-wife....

Acceptance into University is not Guaranteed
You are not Necessarily Accepted into University! Due to the overly high number of enrolments....

Jan R
Wikipedia wins over Journalism
An Irish journalism student put the much loved Wikipedia online source to the test when he added a quote to the biography of composer, Maurice....

Grace W
Choosing an Online University
Technology has changed the face of education. It is now very easy for you to continue your education sitting at your home by enrolling yourself in an online university....

Jon P.
Surviving the Graduate School
Graduate school is the business aspect of education. These institutions are populated by brilliant young people who are serious about gaining new knowledge and....

Jon P.

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