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Protecting Students and Aiding Student Loans
As we are aware that the Obama Administration is inclined in making education accessible to all sections of society, due to which they have been able to offer packages....

Jamie K
Reforms in place for Higher Education in the United States
After becoming the President, Barack Obama has laid the required stress on higher education. According to this administration higher education should be accessible....

Higher Education is no longer a luxury in the United States
Higher Education in the United States has always been a preferred choice for many international students. Though the education has been a costly affair, the Obama....

Changes in the “For-Profit’ Colleges
Studying in the United States has always been considered as one of the best options due to various factors. You do find some of the top- most universities and colleges....

Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA), College Scorecard and More
President Obama is totally inclined in making the Education System in the United States accessible to as many students as possible. The administration is constantly....

Jamie K
Making Positive Reforms in Accreditation
Accreditors need to focus more on the outcomes of students while judging universities and colleges providing higher education, and keeping this in view the Obama....

United States continues to be the destination of choice for international students
Before you make up your mind to travel overseas for higher education, it is advisable to do a thorough research of the different benefits different countries can....

Convenience factors related to Higher Education with the Obama Administration
 As we all know the US education experience is considered as one of the best worldwide. The many private and government universities and colleges offer you....

Reasons why international students choose the United States for higher education
Research shows that most students from all around the globe choose United States for their higher education. There are multiple reasons for doing so, one of which....

Making Higher Education more Comfortable in the United States
Since there has been a rush to pursue higher education in America, the Obama administration is continuously making changes to ensure that students, be it Americans....

Student Borrowers at an advantage with the Obama Administration
As we are aware that the U.S. is gaining popularity where student education is concerned and you have many students opting for America for their higher education.....

Jamie K
Is higher education in America finally turning around?
America seems to be totally for ‘higher education’ for the younger generation and the Obama administration has shown active interest in this with....

Some Inputs on Obama Administration with Regard to Higher Education in America
This trend of choosing to opt overseas as a study destination for higher education has started off in the 20-th century and carried on right till the 21st century,....

Obama administration has to focus on better student debt regulations
It is pretty apparent that Education Secretary Arne Duncan was close to Education Management Corp. This for-profit company is the second largest in the country.....

Continuing protests puts a spotlight on racial disparities in US universities
At Columbia based University of Missouri, racism is pretty obvious causing a lot of concern. Both the President of the system and the chancellor of the campus resigned....

Education Reform – where do we stand now?
Obama made it clear that the course Department of Education has been taking so far would continue in his final year of the term even after Arne Duncan the secretary....

Federal Student Aid must reach more number of students, says Obama
Steps have been taken by our President to make it easier for students to apply for Federal student aid. Access to billions of dollars is provided by the free application....

Update on free community college proposal
President Obama has been stepping up his efforts to make community colleges free for students across the country. According to the White House, free tuition message....

Does American higher education need a thorough overhaul?
Absolutely, says Marco Rubio, a US Florida Senator. He emphatically stresses on the immediate need to restructure the fundamentally broken and outdated higher education....

Obama continues to push for free higher education in community colleges
Recently, President Obama stressed on the importance of providing free community college education access to all Americans. He said that even as the Democrats and....


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