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Most states struggling with higher education spending
In recent decades, funding for higher education in states has declined drastically. This trend may come under increased scrutiny in the wake of our president’s....

Budget request to Congress from President Obama to boost higher education
A budget request was sent by our President to the Congress recently to enhance higher education federal funding and to change certain student loan repayment options....

Jamie K
Is it time to offer free public education for every single American?
There is no doubt that our country is seeing trying times as far as higher education is concerned. What with the skyrocketing tuition frees, students being saddled....

Is our higher education keeping up with changing student demographics?
As compared to a few decades ago, the college going student profile of today is hugely different. In olden times, an 18 year old completed high school and moved....

For –profit institutions among others not happy with the White House’s college rating system framewo
Recently, there was a new development when the standoff between for-profit higher education institutions and the White House intensified. The Obama administration....

When it comes to quality of education, there must be no compromise
When it was time for the University of Las Vegas to hire a new president, a search was launched nationwide at a cost of $150,000. A head hunter was appointed to....

Shared governance is the only way to turn around our higher education system
American higher education is all set to witness major changes. It is extremely important at this stage for universities and colleges to use these changes and shape....

Changing job scenario and its effect on higher education
A question we must all ask now is what exactly do we expect of higher education now considering our changing job scenario? This is a topic that will be held as discussion....

Jamie K
Can the Republicans do anything about improving our higher education system?
For the past decade, Republican’s conservatism has been a restraining force on Obama’s liberalism. With just two years to go for the next presidential....

Jamie K
For-Profit Colleges in the Limelight as President Obama Aims at Stemming Rising Student Debt
For-profit colleges have come under the scanner with President Obama cracking down on them. The goal here is to reduce the burden of student debt for a large section....

Jamie K
How do we justify elite private universities scoring over public universities in terms of student su
If you look at the American higher education system today, you will notice a startling but unfortunately true fact. Our government today spends dollars on the elite....

Realistic measures our government can take to improve higher education
Of late, a lot of debate is ongoing about bringing about more accountability in higher education. Some of the ideas doing their rounds recently include empowering....

Higher Education Issues Staring At us in 2014
Our higher education, for the past decade or so, has been cruelly flung on hard rock. Through the journey, students continued to suffer. Have the winds changed?....

Obama brings focus on campus sexual assaults
With so many sexual assault incidents rampant on campuses, we were wondering when our President would bring focus to this issue. He and Joe Biden, our Vice President....

What exactly can we make of the new college rankings?
America’s Best Colleges – Every single college in our country aspires to be in this list released every year by the US News and World Report. This ranking....

Our higher education system is not all that bad…it is only perceived to be so!
For years, academic, economic and political commentators have been telling us that our system of education is falling apart at the seams. They have been constantly....

Higher Education should be easily accessible to every American
Each and every American should be able to access higher education, says our President in his weekly address. He reiterated his commitment to offering our students....

Jamie K
Is working your way through college a myth?
It was not very long ago in our country that college students were actually able to pay their way through college. Contrary to continuing myth, today it is just....

University Presidents express concern over Obama’s College Grading System
There is a lot of scepticism among university presidents that their campuses may enjoy limited accessibility and become less diverse if our President’s college....

Give students enhanced access to higher education says Jeff Denham
Reflecting the opinion of thousands of affordable higher education advocates across the country, Jeff Denham, the US representative voiced his support for the four....

Jamie K

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