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  • Changes in the “For-Profit’ Colleges
  • Posted By:
  • Chris J
  • Posted On:
  • 17-Mar-2016
  • Studying in the United States has always been considered as one of the best options due to various factors. You do find some of the top- most universities and colleges here offering a student a number of options in the curses offered by them.

    Besides this, a student who opts to study here is exposed to different cultures as you find students from all around the world flocking here for higher education. After Barack Obama taking over as the President, education has been given a priority as this
    administration aims at getting  education accessible for students from all classes of society.

    Obama Administration pushes for Free Higher Education

    This administration proposed once again free two years of community college, stating that education will work as the key which is required for economic growth and that the youngsters should be able to get education, be it in colleges, universities or high schools to ensure success in this 21st century.

    Federal Apprenticeship Grants

    Besides promoting the free two year of community college, the President announced federal grants for apprenticeships to almost $175 million which can benefit around 34,000 people and more. 46 organizations across different fields which include health care, manufacturing and a lot many others will be able to benefit from these grants..

    Obama laid stress on the fact that every hard working student should be able to get free of two years of community college. The main objective is to make sure that everyone gets the required education and masters the skills they are good at so that unemployment goes down to a ‘zero’.

    For Profit-colleges

    This administration intends choking off funds to all the profit-making colleges who have been unable to keep up to their promise of the graduates being placed in right jobs. It is said that these colleges tend to lure students with un-kept promises and laden them with debts which are practically impossible to be paid.

    The Education Department has implemented the ‘gainful employment’ rule by which the colleges
    need to track the performance of the graduates in the workforce and if not satisfactory, cut off the funding for those career training programs which fall short. This rule will be able to trigger the closing of almost 1,400 programs which have enrolled 84,000 students.

    There are many college operators who have been closing down since this onslaught. According to critics and regulators these colleges are vulnerable due to their own practices. The industry seems to have been plagued with higher default and student loan borrowing rates and the graduates report career outcomes which can be termed as ‘worst’.

    Changes by ‘for-profit’ colleges

    After this rule being passed the ‘for-profit’ colleges seem to have made certain changes to avoid being targeted. These colleges have now started offering periods of trial enrolment and some of them have agreed to make use of the “Shopping Sheet” comparison tool for financial aid. This seems to be a positive response and as expected by the Obama Administration and hopefully, will bring about the required changes in the higher education in the United States.


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