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Mentors play critical role in quality of college experience, new poll suggests
Leo M. Lambert, Elon University; Jason Husser, Elon University, and Peter Felten, Elon University In order to have a rewarding college experience, students....

What Harvard can learn from Texas: A solution to the controversy over affirmative action
David Orentlicher, University of Nevada, Las Vegas When it comes to the use of race-conscious affirmative action in college admissions, no one seems to be happy....

The start of high school doesn't have to be stressful
David Yeager, University of Texas at Austin and Hae Yeon Lee, University of Texas at Austin This month, more than 4 million students across the nation will begin....

Smith College incident is latest case of racial 'profiling by proxy'
Brian N. Williams, University of Virginia; Andrea M. Headley, University of California, Berkeley, and Megan LePere-Schloop, The Ohio State University Smith College....

Programmers need ethics when designing the technologies that influence people's lives
Cherri M. Pancake, Oregon State University Computing professionals are on the front lines of almost every aspect of the modern world. They’re involved in....

For universities, making the case For diversity is part of making amends for racist past
Juan Miró, University of Texas at Austin and Edmund T Gordon, University of Texas at Austin The Trump administration recently announced plans to scrap....

Why the Democrats' new 'debt-free' college plan won't really make college debt-free
Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University and Dennis A. Kramer II, University of Florida Rising student loan debt and concerns about college affordability got considerable....

Why fewer kids work the kind of summer jobs that their parents used to have
Elliot Lasson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Back in the day, most teens had some sort of job lined up for the summer. For some, it was an extension....

Why accountability efforts in higher education often fail
Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University As the price tag of a college education continues to rise along with questions about academic quality, skepticism about....

Why double-majors might beat you out of a job
Matthew J. Mayhew, The Ohio State University and Benjamin S. Selznick, James Madison University Two college majors are better than one. That is the conclusion....


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