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What Harvard can learn from Texas: A solution to the controversy over affirmative action
David Orentlicher, University of Nevada, Las Vegas When it comes to the use of race-conscious affirmative action in college admissions, no one seems to be happy....

The start of high school doesn't have to be stressful
David Yeager, University of Texas at Austin and Hae Yeon Lee, University of Texas at Austin This month, more than 4 million students across the nation will begin....

Smith College incident is latest case of racial 'profiling by proxy'
Brian N. Williams, University of Virginia; Andrea M. Headley, University of California, Berkeley, and Megan LePere-Schloop, The Ohio State University Smith College....

For universities, making the case For diversity is part of making amends for racist past
Juan Miró, University of Texas at Austin and Edmund T Gordon, University of Texas at Austin The Trump administration recently announced plans to scrap....

Why fewer kids work the kind of summer jobs that their parents used to have
Elliot Lasson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Back in the day, most teens had some sort of job lined up for the summer. For some, it was an extension....

Why double-majors might beat you out of a job
Matthew J. Mayhew, The Ohio State University and Benjamin S. Selznick, James Madison University Two college majors are better than one. That is the conclusion....

Ills of extra credits….
What options do students who fail to make it to the next year have? No many. We know this. But the schools in New York were offering such students....

Trouble brews for Islamic schools
You and I have heard of racial discrimination in different cultures, within our own and also in our country. But the following news does come as a shocker. In....

Jamie K
Islamic schools face objection
You and I have heard of racial discrimination in different cultures, within our own and also in our country. But the following news does come as a shocker. In....

Jamie K
The new meaning of elearning with Web 2.0
With the advent of the web 2.0 technology in 2004, a term coined so as to provide a platform to people where they can make use the web tools to enhance and improve....

Math education in high school
Math is not a very popular subject and well, only a few like it. There was time when students sat dedicatedly in their classrooms, grasping every sum solved or explained....

Admissions denied due to the economy
It is known to be a bad year so far with the recession and all. Every aspect of the global economy has been affected. Nothing is completely closing down but there....

Jamie K
Culture Clash in Academia?
Racism has been relevant in various cultures across the globe. It is not limited to only different cultures but also people belonging the same culture. Racism....

Girl Power in Teaching
The first time women started teaching in colleges, they either took art classes or finesse classes. That is they taught how to be artistic and maintain the right....

Peter J.
A whole new social network for elearning
What is life without social networking? Nothing. Well if you don’t have a social networking account, you have no stand. You are considered to be old school.....

Jamie K
A closet full of surprises
What does one do with all the waste in the garbage bag? No clue. What about the hundreds of bottles, corks, caps, ribbons and so on? Again no clue. At least this....

Gaming to learn: the Web 2.0 learning experience
Video games were regarded as one of the evils that plagued our children. They made the kids go awry and miss school homework and studies. They were violent and stupid.....

Jamie K
Making the most of the web - eLearning 2.0
The potential of the computers hit us when we got Internet. The Web 2.0 has brought in a world of change within our life styles. Hundreds of things have been said....

Jan R
Higher Education Portals
There are plenty of higher education communities who are always on a lookout for social networking sites. There are plenty of them these days. Social networking....

Jan R
Losing the essence of education
Higher education first faced a threat from the after school coaching classes and tuitions. Students thought it was ok to bunk school and attend classes instead.....

Jan R

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