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Will loans be easier on students once Obama signs the deal?
Thousands of dollars will be saved by students getting into college this fall in terms of student loan interests. Once the bipartisan compromise is signed by our....

President Obama’s Grand Plan for American Higher Education
Last Wednesday, our President vowed that considerable amount of reforms will be promoted in our higher education system. This move is welcome indeed especially since....

America needs more jobs to remain globally dominant in the field of higher education
Going through records of the number of top universities in the world located in our country is the best way to measure our scientific impact. Annually, one such....

Time for further regulations by Obama administration to regulate for-profit college student debts
 Efforts are underway to identify any abuse of students by for-profit colleges by the Obama administration. Only litigations and bitterness continues from the....

President Obama appeals to students to stand up and be heard
Recently, our President spoke elaborately on college affordability and its implications. He pointed out that tuition fees at the public universities have doubled....

Jamie K
Skyrocketing college costs – A huge obstacle for the middle class, says Obama
The Congress was urged by our President recently to avoid interest rates on student loans at any cost. He argued that young people are saddled in an unfair manner....

Senator Warren talks about measures to avoid doubling of interest rates in July
We are all aware of the possible inflation of student loan rates of interest. As the deadline approaches, no feasible approach has been agreed upon by the Congress....

Poor salary and benefits for part time college faculty
Most colleges now employ part-time faculty but fail to keep them satisfied with good wages. These professors also called adjunct professors have many issues including....

Jamie K
Student loan costs – where is it headed?
There is no disputing the fact college education is hugely expensive. Our students may now have to pay much more thanks to Washington. Decades from now, many have....

Public universities try to rope in affluent, intelligent students with merit aid
A report released by the Education Policy Program of the New America Foundation recently on how Pell is being undermined by colleges that seek only wealthy students....

Democrats lash out at Obama’s policy on student loan
Student loans now generate massive profits which in turn place a lot of pressure on students and their families. This fact was pointed out by two members of the....

College students to get a breather on their student loan rate hike?
President Obama has convinced the House Republicans to say yes to his proposal of allowing the student loan interest to stay as it is. This was decided after the....

Jamie K
Can the American dream ever become a reality?
American dream can never become a reality, not unless our student loan situation improves. As in many other industrialized countries, our countries too face a situation....

Recent graduates speak out their mind and ring the alarm bell
With our higher education system facing trying times, there is a constant debate on whether investing in college is worth it or not. All these debates are spearheaded....

As far as higher education is concerned, we are all stuck in the middle
For the middle class, there seems to be no hope. We are stuck in terms of access to quality higher education. There are families with two or three children in college....

Better cooperation between higher education and employers could take our country forward
 Getting a good job is the only reason for most students and parents for going beyond high school to get a degree. Many who are already employed wish to improve....

Jamie K
Increase in student loan rates a cause for great concern
In a couple of months, students will face a dire situation and may have to pay double the interest rate on their loans. Many students and parents are hugely concerned....

2014 budget is hugely encouraging for Latino students
There is a cautious optimism among the Latino community educators after the budget proposal was released by President Obama recently. Prominent educators such as....

Federal subsidization would help universities to a great extent
Across the world, there are many education systems that offer highly subsidized or even free education for students. It is time our public universities like Texas....

Competency-based assessment replacing credit hours?
In our higher education system, one of the basic student progress measurement units is credit hour. A basis for federal student aid and the basic structural unit....

Jamie K

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