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Trump Presidency and its effect on International Students
With Donald trump taking over the presidency there is going to be a huge decline in the number of international students enrolling in the U.S. for further studies.....

Higher Education policies after the US elections
There is a large speculation what these elections in the US can mean to student loan borrowers. President Donald Trump has not mentioned higher education so far....

Need for Critical thinking in the US universities
You need to know what is ‘critical thinking’ to understand the importance f this. Critical thinking does not mean you need to be negative or critical,....

Donald Trump Administration and Possible Changes
As we are aware that higher education in the US is a popular choice among most students looking to study abroad, you can say the universities here have been the....

Changes in the Education System
Adapting a few changes in the higher education system in the US tends to be beneficial not only to the students but also for the universities. At present you have....

What colleges must do to promote mental health for graduate students
Meghan Duffy, University of Michigan; Carly Thanhouser, University of Michigan, and Daniel Eisenberg, University of Michigan Sara did not expect much to come....

Why the Democrats' new 'debt-free' college plan won't really make college debt-free
Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University and Dennis A. Kramer II, University of Florida Rising student loan debt and concerns about college affordability got considerable....

More American students are studying abroad, new data show
Kelsey Hrubes knew she had a challenge on her hands when she visited Germany as a study abroad student back in 2015. “I was forced to adapt to cultural....


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