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First Female Professor of Poetry at Oxford
Heard of the Oxford University? Sure! Recently the University selected their candidate as its next professor of poetry. And this ceremony was not a smooth one. Just....

Grace W
Obama's New Education Plan
President Obama has designated over $5 billion to improve the education of children in the United States. Under the program, “No Child Left....

Is Our Education System Improving?
Obama is holding onto the thread of improvement and of transparency when speaking about the education system since he took office. President Obama....

Obama is worried about Education
It appears that Obama is worried about education a great deal lately. He was speaking to a group of parents in Missouri this past week and he referenced that he....

Jan R
If Gordon Ramsay was Your Professor!
So often today, children and older students are coddled into thinking that anything that they say or anything they do is worth a pat on the back. We have got to....

Jan R
Top 10 Study Habits of a Student
For most college students, studying is one of the hardest parts of school. There are so many distractions and more important things to do than waste the evenings....

Online Education Vs. Campus Education - Is One Better Than The Other?
Over the last decade or so, there has been an increase in the preference for online education over the traditional campus based education, which used to be the....

H W.

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