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  • American Educational System needs a Revolution
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 09-Jan-2013
  • Higher education is very important to achieve the ultimate American dream. To compete with the upcoming challenges in the future, higher education is must for each and every college going individual. To preserve national global leadership, people here feel that higher education is the first step to do so. The competitiveness in today’s age has increased a lot, and that the ongoing education system needs a certain change.  

    Apart from all these, there are eight institutes of America listed in top ten. This shows the outcome of our education system. The most important fact about the American system is that, the system or the institutions in America are unparalleled. The people who have college degree earn more than the people who don’t.

    Hence, higher education is given much importance in America. There are various challenges that people are facing in completing the college degrees, therefore the people here are demanding for a change in the system.

    The apprehension about higher education is growing in America. Degree has always been the master key for the best job. Recently, financial shrink and low educational returns have been observed in America. Due to which, many people here complain about the high rise in fee structure for college degree. The main problem in attaining degree is high cost of college. Although people think college is a wise investment, but there are some people who cannot afford the cost of college even if they want to.

    Apart from the high rise in fees, there are also other concerns like increment in the debt levels of universities and students and also the quality of graduates have declined. More amount of debt and there will be a chance of minimum risk. Not only people, but the universities have also gone on a spending spree and the effect has been seen on their balance sheets.

    It has been so many years for the university to understand that it is time to change. Lately they realized that the courses that are offered by them, needs to be changed. The more the number of students, the more university is like to spend. But again the question of quality arises with such spending spree.

    People are demanding for some innovational technique that can improve the quality and benefit the people in our country. Government has already put a cut on the financial aid that they provide to the universities. The president has himself expressed about the rising tuition fees and also told that further more increment in the fees, there will be more hike in the financial aid to the institution. Experts predict that the rate of enrollment will be the same in upcoming years.

    The amounts of loans that students get are the main reason as why the universities are able to increase their revenue. Although universities may say that the value of a degree cannot be cut down to an economic number, people still urge for a drastic and profitable change in the education system.


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