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  • America banking on International Students for Funds
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  • 07-Jan-2013
  • For any University to be considered ‘best’, it should land up in a situation where the seats are full with plenty of prospects still waiting to grab one. For most of the Universities across our country, this was a common situation a few years ago. Students used to hope and pray that they get a seat that would eventually earn them a degree. Unfortunately, the last few years have been hugely disappointing.

    Today, most of the Universities across the country have a deserted look with the number of enrollments dropping drastically. The prime reason for this fall is the growing tuition fees. Majority of the families are no longer able to afford the rising fees and hence are left with no choice but to restrict their children from earning higher education. The public funds reaching educational institutes have gone down tremendously in the last few years.

    In order to make sure that good amount of funds come in, Universities are now pushing to enroll more numbers of International students. America has always been a favorite destination for higher education for people belonging to all parts of the globe. Initially, most of the European students showed keen interest to leave their homeland and banked on American universities. The last few years has seen a new trend emerge. It is students from China and India who seem to be more interested in finding a seat at our universities.

    International students have to pay more in order to earn a seat in any university. Their tuition fees is higher as compared to what the local students have to pay. With the number of local students decreasing at a rapid pace, universities are now finding solace with International students.

    According to an educational expert, universities are trying to raise more funds from these students coming in from different countries. With the help of these funds, universities are looking for options that could provide much needed relief for our local students. Only a drastic decrease in tuition fee will enable our students to enroll and get a much needed degree.

    This kind of approach seems logical at the moment. However, the only challenge is the speed at which universities would eventually be able to raise ample funds so that the overall tuition fee could come down. The number of seats reserved for foreign students in every university is not very high. Hence, it would take a long time for the universities to generate enough funds and help generate affordable seats for our students. The only possible way is to increase the number of seats allocated for foreign students for the time being.

    With the overall quality of higher education in our country diminishing at a steady pace, one wonders if the numbers of foreign students trying for seats would also start decreasing in the near future. The entire higher education scenario in our country is a vicious circle at the moment and things seem to be out of control.  Hope we find a solution soon and the trend reverses before it is too late.


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