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  • Why majority of the students across America are opting for online higher education?
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 04-Jan-2013
  • Higher education in our country is getting more expensive with each passing day. Although a number of steps have started to be taken in order to get the cost down, the fact remains that many potential students across the country are no longer able to afford higher education. On the other hand, jobs are available only if the individual has a decent enough qualification under his/her belt. Hence, students are more or less in a dilemma at the moment.

    The last couple of years have seen a drastic rise in the number of potential students opting for online higher education courses. So what makes online higher education option feasible? Why are so many students getting attracted towards this concept of education?

    To begin with, online education is cheap as compared to conventional kind of education and this is exactly why majority of the students do not think twice before applying for it. Infact, there are a number of online educational sources that offer higher education courses free of cost, thus turning out to be a fantastic option for students who are finding it difficult to afford conventional higher education degree.

    Unlike conventional method of higher education, you would not walk away with a higher education degree if you opt for the online concept. Instead, you would be getting a certificate. Is a certificate course as good as a full fledged degree program? Well, if you look at both the options in terms of its value, the online certificate course may not be upto the mark.

    However, what is interesting to see in the past couple of years is that a number of people have gone onto get good job opportunities only because they have completed an online certificate course. Infact, the latest trend is to complete a number of short courses which more or less belong to the same genre. Thus, eventhough you do not get a degree under your belt, you get to show a range of certificate courses.

    Looking at the current higher education scenario in the country, the online option seems to be the best for a number of families. With the demand for online higher education increasing in this part of the world, a number of different websites and online educational institutes are improving their teaching standards to great extents. They are not shying away from hiring excellent consultants and faculty members who belong to reputed educational institutes.

    Overall, the situation looks good as far as popularity of online higher education in the country is concerned. So will this have a negative impact on the conventional higher education system? Well, eventhough a number of potential students are applying for online certificate courses, they would certainly like to opt for a conventional degree course, especially if the cost permits them to do so. Hence, one can assume that online education system can never really dominate the conventional system at all. It is more of a temporary solution.


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