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  • Now Students might be allowed to carry bags that can shield bullets
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 27-Dec-2012
  • Our country is already buzzing with the idea of letting teachers carry guns to schools and colleges. It seems that finally the educational administration and the security forces have realized the intensity of attacks that have taken place in schools and colleges across America in the past couple of years. There is nothing worse than innocent people dying. Unfortunately, victims of such attacks will not even get to know why they were shot in the first place.

    According to a number of experts, students should be allowed to carry bags that have the ability to shield bullets. The state and federal governments are already working on the idea. The bags will be equipped with unique metal sheets that will stop the bullets from penetrating. An exercise was carried out recently to see if the idea works.

    The whole concept of teachers carrying guns sounds a good one, especially in this scenario where parents are scared to send their child to schools and colleges. However, this alone will not guarantee the safety of children and other staff members. There is a lot that can be done further in order to reduce or completely eliminate any possibilities of casualties.

    The attack at Sandy Hook left more than 20 kids dead, most of them being under the age of 10 years. The attack has already left the country shattered and tormented. President Obama was extremely harsh and clear when he addressed the nation about the attack. He made it clear that the country will no longer tolerate such attacks. Unfortunately, such incidences seem to be on a rise in the past couple of years and very little has been done in order to avoid them.

    In a situation where higher education across the nation has already been dented with the number of enrollments decreasing at a rapid rate, the last thing the country needs is more decline in the number of students attending colleges and schools. Time has come when innovative steps need to be taken to make sure that such attacks lead to minimum damage.

    It is difficult to say whether such attacks can be avoided, especially because arms and ammunition seems to be available easily throughout the country. Hence, what seems like a practical and realistic solution in the current scenario is to ensure that least casualties take place, if any at all.

    Experts are also demanding for tighter security around educational institutes. There is no harm whatsoever in having security officials keeping an eye on the institute and its landscape throughout the clock, even if this means that a couple of them would be roaming like staff members throughout the campus.

    Apart from security, innovative medical facilities should also be made available to educational institutes. This way, in case an attack takes place, there will be more chances of getting out maximum survivors. It seems that Sandy Hook incidence has finally opened the doors for some revival in our country.


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