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  • Coping With Diversity Issues In College
  • Posted By:
  • David B.
  • Posted On:
  • 26-Feb-2009

  • Diversity is a common aspect of college life. During your college years, you are sure to come across students from different countries around the world.

    Large Percentage Of International Students

    There can be numerous reasons for diversity. Of course the chief among them is that the students hail from different countries, religions, communities and cultures. Also students may belong to different age groups – while some will be young and fresh out of high school there will be others who pursuing college education after marriage or having gained considerable work experience. Students from different age groups have different approaches towards life. While the younger students will be more inclined to enjoying themselves along with studies the older ones will be more serious about their academics. There might be a small percentage of homosexual students also. 

    During the course of some group project or activity other reasons of diversity can surface. You might find that you click well with some students due to their hard work and co-operation and not with others irrespective of their country, religion, gender or age.

    College Counselors Can Help You Cope With Diversity Related Problems

    As a student, one of the problems you will face is adjusting to the social pressures of college life. This is especially faced by students from minority groups like international students as it takes time for them to mingle with others. Also students from a particular country and culture might stand out and not gain immediate acceptance by the majority because of the way they dress or speak. Such students generally look out for fellow students from their own country due to their fear of not being accepted by others.

    Whatever the reason of diversity, as a college student you should accept it as a part of college life. If you belong to a minority group, do not be psychologically disturbed by it. Gradually you will find social acceptance by the rest of the student body. If need be, approach the college counseling body for advise and help to overcome your problem.


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