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  • Once an example for other nations, American higher education system going down rapidly
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  • Jamie K
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  • 21-Dec-2012
  • Post World War II, the American education system took humungous strides towards success. It dominated world education systems for a good part of a century. Other nations and economies started looking upto American universities for their efficiency and more importantly, outstanding quality of education. International students paid heavily just to get a seat in one of the top American universities. Today, the same education system seems to be in a sorry state.

    So where has the system gone wrong? To begin with, it is extremely difficult to blame a particular move for this rapid decline. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that have impacted the higher education model. Having said this, things have not gone out of control yet. If certain steps are undertaken within the right time, the entire model can be revised and the beginning of a new era in the American education history will commence.

    It is important for educational experts and administrators to sit down and make a concrete plan. The ultimate objective is to take the entire system ahead. Currently, there are a number of people who are not too keen on earning a higher education degree in the country. This is probably the worst thing for a nation to ever happen.

    Unfortunately, the country is stuck in a vicious circle as far as higher education is concerned. The tuition fee is on a rise and hence a number of students are not been able to afford a degree. On the other hand, most of the students who already have a degree are not being able to find relevant jobs so far. Hence, instead of being a win-win situation, it has actually turned into a lose-lose situation where the student has to pay the price in both cases.

    Right now, the focus should be on providing students with loans that do not demand a high interest rate. If one looks at the current situation, it is not easy to cut down the tuition fee. This is certainly not going to happen overnight. Colleges will take time before they actually reach a position from where they can offer education at a lower cost. Hence, the immediate realistic solution is to ensure that students get the right resources as far as funding is concerned.

    One of the reasons why majority of students do not want to get into higher education is because they are not sure if they will be able to pay back the loan amount. This feeling has been developed amongst the students mainly because high interest rates.

    Hence, if finance institutes come up with ideal loan options for students, there is a very good chance that the number of enrollments in colleges and universities will go up. With more numbers of students getting enrolled, the college will be able to generate better funds which will further mean that they could even come down with their tuition fee.


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