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  • Proposal To Freeze Tuition Fees
  • Posted By:
  • David B.
  • Posted On:
  • 26-Feb-2009

  • The state authority decision to find ways to block the rise in tuition fees at West Virginia colleges is quite encouraging. See the report for more details

    It will end the era of raising tuition fees by colleges every now and then. It is very difficult for many students to complete their undergraduate courses due to the financial burden caused by the sudden rise in tuition fees while they are pursuing their courses. Freezing the tuition fees for four years would ensure that students do not face any such problems and are able to pursue their programs without any monetary stress.

    One other good reason cited for freezing the tuition fees is to encourage the students to complete their undergraduate program in 4 years. This is because at the end of 4 years, the tuition fees would be revised and the students who haven’t completed the program will have to pay more college fees to continue their studies. 

    Though, the plan to freeze tuition fees is very good for the students, the state colleges that are already reeling under the effect of low funds from the state government, say that it is ‘very difficult’. According to them, it is difficult for the colleges to bear the high administrative costs and salaries of the professors. Retaining top-notch professors becomes difficult with fewer funds and this would become even more problematic for them, if they do not raise the tuition fees.

    The college administrators advocate a hike in tuition fees citing the fact that the students can easily take care of the rising tuition fees with Pell grants. Moreover, the university officials feel that freezing the tuition fees means they have to use college funds that are already getting exhausted due to the ongoing recession.

    Both students and colleges seem to be right in their own way and hence, it is difficult to take the right decision. What do you think? Please share your opinions with us.


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