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  • Families with more than one child being offered discount on higher education tuition fee
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  • Chris J
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  • 13-Dec-2012

  • The higher education scenario continues to look grim in our country that just a decade ago was practically ruling the roost. With the tuition fee rising drastically, it has become increasingly difficult for a number of families to get their children enrolled in colleges.

    Well, think of those who have more than one child. With the kind of tuition fee rates that we get to see these days, one can only wonder as to how a family would afford education for two or more children simultaneously.
    Fortunately, a number of colleges are taking a positive step towards this situation and are offering attractive discount rates on tuition fee for families who are opting for two or more enrollments at the same time. The initiative certainly comes across as a pleasant one.

    A number of families with more than one child are facing difficulties in providing higher education to their children. Unfortunately, most of these families are left with no choice but to send only one child to college, leaving the other to either do a low rated online course or start earning immediately after high school. With the kind of tuition fees that colleges are demanding, one cannot really blame the families as they too are taking such a decision out of force, than choice.

    A number of colleges are offering a $2000 cut-off for families who do a dual enrollment. Considering the overall tuition fee, this cut-off is more than satisfactory and has certainly given hope to a number of families. On the other hand, colleges who originally demand a slightly lesser tuition fee are offering a $1000 cut-off for families.

    One of the biggest concerns that America is facing at the moment is rapid decline in the number of higher education enrollments. Every parent wants their child to study as much as possible. Unfortunately, with the cost of higher education termed as ‘unaffordable’ by many, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a number of families to even think of enrolling their child in colleges and universities.

    By offering a discount on the second child, colleges are actually taking a huge initiative as they will encourage a number of families to come forward and enroll their second child for higher education as well. This will directly have a positive impact on the economy of the nation, which right now has nothing much to say for itself.

    However, it is important for parents to go through the terms and conditions before availing this offer. For instance, the offer can only be availed if both the children attend the same college/university. It is also important that the second child enrolling attends the college for a certain period of time before the family can benefit from the offer.

    This initiative is certainly one that families across our country are going to welcome. At the moment, our country desperately needs more such initiatives to bring our education back on firm footing and to once again regain our position in the global platform.


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