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  • New statistics show that higher education in US is on a decline
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 12-Dec-2012
  • A recent study reveals that the United States of America is now the only nation where the segment of people entering the workforce do not own better educational credentials as compared to those who are on the verge of leaving workforce. The study also states that most of the other countries have caught up with the quality of American education and more importantly, a number of these countries have already surpassed the quality.

    A study was carried in the year 1995 which indicated that America was second in the world as far as ratio of college graduation was concerned. The first on the list was New Zealand. A similar study was carried out more recently in 2010. Unfortunately for the country, it features 19th on the list, way below where it stood. This report itself is an alarming sign and more of a warning that the higher education system in the country is facing major issues.

    Most of the educational experts may not agree to the above statistics. They will surely counterattack with the fact that rate of graduation in America has indeed increased between 1995 to 2010, from 33 percent to 38 percent respectively. Well, while this is certainly a fact, what these experts are not looking into is the increase in rate of graduation of fellow countries. The report reveals that other countries have virtually doubled their graduation rate during this time period, touching 39 percent from 20 percent.

    The education system across our country further takes another blow as compared to other countries. The report states that not many parents who do not have a high school degree themselves are eager to ensure that their children study as long as possible and earn a degree. According to facts and statistics, mere 29 percent children of parents who do not own a high school degree make it to college. As compared to other countries, this figure goes as high as 44 percent.

    According to our higher education experts, this entire scenario is having a drastic impact on disadvantaged students from the country. The tuition fee is already on a rise. The average tuition fee of colleges across America has already overtaken that of any other country. What is even more unpleasant to observe is that there is a huge margin between the tuition fee of our country and other countries. Hence, disadvantaged students are finding absolutely no way of getting into colleges as they simply cannot afford higher education at the moment.

    One of the prime reasons why certain sections of ourcountry are defending the decision to increase tuition fee is because they feel that it takes away a major portion of liquidity by offering more loan opportunities. With small tuition fee, financial institutes would not grant loans and hence it will invariably become impossible for many people to arrange the amount at one go, thus creating another problem. If America wants to get rid of its economical loopholes, it will have to get the best out of students who primarily fall into the disadvantageous category.


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