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  • Students more than happy to say goodbye to college admission tests
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 04-Dec-2012
  • Getting into a college in America is not as easy and students have always found the process hugely daunting. A prospective student has to necessarily score well in the college admission test. On the basis of their performance, the college decides whether the student is indeed eligible enough to get into the campus or otherwise.

    There is some good news coming up for our students. They might not be required to take this exam anymore. While a majority of students and their parents have welcomed this initiative, a number of higher education professionals and administrators across our nation do not really appreciate such a move. There is a strong feeling that the quality of students will go down if they are not required to write the college admission test anymore.

    Most of the families are glad with the decision though and there are genuine reasons behind their happiness. To begin with, college admission tests are not easy by any means. Hence, more often than not, students have no other option but to hire tutors to ensure that they do well in the test.

    Most of the families across the country are already fed-up with the ever increasing college tuition fee. On top of that, they are required to hire a special tutor for their child for the purpose of a college admission test. To make matters even worse, the tutor has to be paid irrespective whether the student does get into the college or not.

    One of the parents stated that he was often under the pressure that he will have to hire a private tutor for his son as far as college admission test is concerned. He believed that his son has a good enough performance in the school exams and hence giving another admission test makes no real sense. This decision has certainly come across as a pleasant surprise for this father and many more like him.

    On the other hand, education experts are not very happy with the decision. According to most of them, the country needs bright and talented students at the moment more than it ever needed. America is already facing an economical crisis of some sorts and the last thing the country needs is poor quality students getting into colleges. One has to earn a place in colleges and this process should include admission test.

    However, this topic is still up for debate. Some education experts also believe that this is a good decision. Up until now, the college authorities were simply looking at the result of the admission test and making a decision whether or not a student is capable of joining them.

    This will not be the case anymore. The college will instead look into the caliber of the student with a wider perspective. This will further help the college to identify the true potential of the student which cannot really be determined with the help of a small test result.


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