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  • Keeping the focus primarily on Higher education will improve the overall Economy of America
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  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 30-Nov-2012
  • The election dilemma is long done and dusted. The entire country was glued to the election campaigns and potential candidates enjoyed a lot of attention. Now the tide has turned completely. It is the nation that is now expecting attention from the elected president Mr. Barrack Obama. The time has come for him and his administration to look into the many issues that seem to hinder the economy of the country in the present scenario.

    The one thing that has to be looked into immediately is the higher education situation in the country. At the moment, things do not look great as far as higher education is concerned. To begin with, the tuition fees that majority of colleges and universities are charging are incredibly high. Hence, not many students and their families are able to afford getting into a college at the moment. This has already decreased the numbers of enrollments in the past few years.

    On the other hand, things don’t look great for students who are enrolling as well. Many of these students are taking educational loan in order to get into colleges. These loans come with a relatively higher rate of interest. With less job opportunities even after completing higher education, these students are not able to get rid of the loan amount, further adding to the misery. So what can the Obama administration do to get things back in the right order?

    To start with, the amounts of funds that are supplied to colleges and universities on a yearly basis should be looked into. These funds need to go up if things have to improve in the country. On the other hand, students who belong to families that are not very high on income should be given further assistance by the government. They should be given an opportunity to enter the college at a relatively lower tuition fee.

    Another thing that has to be looked into is the educational loan interest rates. At present, the interest rate is too high, which is one of the reasons why a number of students and their families hesitate in taking them. By getting the interest rate down, more students will be encouraged to use this facility and apply for higher education. So why is there so much stress on more numbers of students to get into higher education?

    An economy can only grow stronger if there are enough numbers of qualified people. Unfortunately, with higher education enrollments dropping drastically in the last few years, people from other countries are not leaving the opportunity to bag jobs across America. This has again led to a new complication.

    For any economy, most of the resources should revolve and be used internally to grow. But with the number of ideal graduates dropping, companies and corporates have no other option but to look for people from other countries.

    America will only be able to get rid of the current economic problem if proper attention and focus is given towards improving our higher education system.


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