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  • If you are a talented tennis player, try for the Sports Scholarship in US Universities
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
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  • 01-Dec-2009
  • Students who are good at any sport have an excellent opportunity to get into one of the reputed universities in America based on their talent. Being good at a popular sport such as tennis, football or hockey could get you a free scholarship in many of the good universities in US. Many tennis players from across the globe come to American universities and take advantage of the free scholarships on offer here. They also play the game at a professional level at fantastic facilities available here to benefit to a great extent.

    College tennis in America can be divided into two sections namely the Recreational and Varsity. Varsity tennis is more competitive and structured in schedule. Apart from individual skills in the game, the player has to focus and develop other qualities such as responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance.

    As far as the sport of tennis is concerned, season starts usually in spring. The ideal time to start their degree for tennis players is thus in August as you will be able to spend the entire season with the team and take advantage of the complete training schedule. On the contrary, if you join the university for the spring semester, you will be limiting your chances to get into the team immediately.

    Aspiring players can benefit immensely from the state-of-art outdoor and indoor facilities in American Universities. As opposed to the system in Ireland and UK, America does not follow the system that is club-based. They follow the school-based system that allows players at all education levels to play all levels of tennis.

    Players wanting to benefit from tennis scholarships in America must be intermediate to good in their talent level. Most of the US colleges have excellent and dedicated tennis coaches who are well respected. They handle programs that are learning-centred offering players an opportunity to develop their sporting, academic and social attributes.

    This is the main reason why we find a host of tennis players from UK at the under-graduate level find their way to US the other obvious reason being the vast choice of study subjects. All universities analyse your tennis ability for scholarship by scrutinizing the application you send for the InTuition Tennis Scholarship.

    The selected candidates are then asked to attend a twelve day trail OurShowcase event in Florida, usually held every July. This is a venue where you play in front of admission directors and coaches, who will meet and discuss your academic career and tennis goals. This Showcase event offers enormous benefits as you can meet coaches from various universities in one place. You can interact with them to discuss your aim and goals and also compare and choose from the number of offers made to you.

    Ideally, to start the degree at the right age, it is recommended to start applying for the scholarship at the age of 16 and attending showcase at 17. This is an excellent platform that can help talented tennis players use their skills to choose studying in one of the best universities in America.


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