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  • Post Secondary education with Career Education Corporation
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  • Karen W.
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  • 11-Oct-2009
  • CEC or Career Education Corporation was founded in the year 1994. They offer high quality post secondary educational services and are one of the best in the world. Headed by its CEO and President Gary E. McCullough, CEC works on a diverse student population in order to help with their career opportunities by ensuring committed quality outcome.

    Till date, “CEC family” as they call themselves has provided this service to at least 90,000 students from different universities, colleges and schools from around the world in a variety of different brands and disciplines. A circle represents the value statement of this organization. The employees and students are at the centre of the circle, which is formed by social responsibility, excellence, respect, integrity and diversity.

    The mission as such is unique only due to the diversity, which actually may have several meanings. This may mean providing those who follow unusual career paths opportunities with a strong leaning towards practical application.

    The Career Education Corporation’s post secondary education provides skills and knowledge to aid students in competing and coming out successful in the highly competitive global job market of today. The five major areas dealt with here include some of the most lucrative fields of today namely the business, information technology, health education, culinary arts and art and design.

    Post secondary education is very strong in countries like North America and according to recent surveys and projections, enrolments in this education stream is set to rise from 15.6 to 18.2 billion by the year 2012. This is predominantly due to the rise in the percentage of adults opting for post secondary education.

    CEC organizes alignment of cost to the revenue levels prevalent, resource sharing among various campuses, enhancing activities on a centralized basis and leveraging scale and size. In the year 2007, there was a marked reach, redefinition, recognition and transition. Strong and potent measures were taken to return CEC to its past history of providing lucrative returns to shareholders by delivering powerful business results.

    All this is evident in the annual business report of the company which gives a deep insight into the architecture that works towards building external relationships and strengthening the reputation. This goal was predominantly achieved through schools, employee accountability, skills and awareness, network and connection of alumni, sharing success and fulfilling the needs of employers, enhancing relationships with regulators and accreditors, listening to and educating legislators and increasing involvement by building partnerships with communities.

    In order to achieve all these goals, CEC says, it is absolutely vital to have a strong leadership that is accessible, transparent and has a strong vision. Some of the prominent competitors of this company listed in Nasdaq include the Washington Post Company, DeVry Inc, ITT Educational Services, Inc., Tyco International, Ltd., Man Tech International Corporation, New Oriental Education and Technology Group, Inc., Weight Watchers International Inc., Corinthian Colleges Inc., Strayer Education, Inc., Grand Canyon Education, Inc., Service Corporation International, Gartner, Inc and American Public Education, Inc.


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Friday, Aug 12, 2011 10:28 AM

CEC - Career Education Corporation (CECO) is a highly unreliable company. Researching this company for 5min will reveal countless negative reports including a CBS investigation, scam school list and a degree mill list. Moreover, thousands of past and current students along with faculty are suing CEC for enrollment and job placement fraudulence in addition to many other untrustworthy practices. It appears numerous lawsuits have recently been won by students and faculty with many more in the pipeline. There is something wrong at CEC and these judgments are evidence of that. Career Education Corporation final days are numbered.

CEC Schools:
AIU – American InterContinental University (Class-Action)
IADT – International Academy of Design
La Cordon Bleu (Class-Action)
Briarcliffe College (Class-Action)
CTU – Colorado Technical University
Brooks Institution
California Culinary Academy (Class-Action)
(There are more class-action coming and class actions I'm not aware of pertaining to CEC run schools - Please do your own research)

This company will have a difficult time with imminent federal spending cuts.
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