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  • Choose the right institution in America based on your requirement
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  • Kathy H
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  • 31-Aug-2009
  • Higher education in US offers a variety of choices for both American as well as International students. In order to make your choice of institution and course simpler, here is an idea of the type of colleges and universities here.

    The undergraduate institutions in America include the smaller liberal arts colleges and larger public research institutions. A diverse number of these undergraduate institutions can be classified based on the variety they offer on the type of financial support, majors offered, size, competitiveness, extracurricular activities and on-campus student life. Almost all of them provide the students with an opportunity for all round development. Depending on the number of credit hours you take during your semester, you can complete the undergraduate course in a maximum of four years.

    Public funded undergraduate institutions cost around $16,640 a year while a private institution may charge up to $23,700 a year. Opportunities offered here match the amount you pay as a fee. Here you have the option of studying unique courses you may not come across anywhere. You also have the opportunity to conduct ground breaking research. You have the option of widening your horizons intellectually with exciting on and off campus programs. You can enjoy your internship with one of the local employers too apart from the myriad cultural activities and on campus entertainment you will enjoy.

    Two-Year Institutions on the other hand are designed exclusively for those students who are looking for a less expensive option. Students who are interested in pursuing community college education, students who want to learn in a less competitive environment and those who are planning on doing a four year course in future opt for the two year degrees.

    Courses offered in these programs include a liberal arts introductory course as well as programs in information technology, police science and automotive repair. One major advantage of these courses is that they are customized to cater to local employment requirements. Graduating students therefore are assured of immediate job placement.

    Distance Learning Institutions do not require students to be on campus every day. With this convenience, these courses offer all other advantages of an American college. It is possible for students from anywhere around the world to just log on to their classes. Distance learning is an excellent option for those looking for American standard education from other countries, those working in full time or part time jobs and for student parents.

    It is possible for distance education students to stay in touch with their virtual classmates and professors with the help of advanced technology. Educators are available for students through online forums sponsored by the school, collaborative software programs, video conferencing, instant messaging and e-mails.
    Specialty Institutions are especially designed for those who have specialized skills. For instance there are institutions such as the Juilliard School in New York that offer student specialized coaching and a degree in performing arts. These institutions have their own unique curriculum catering to various skill sets including engineering academics, military institutions and performing arts. While the major portion of their study is around their speciality, students at these institutions also have to study English and mathematics.

    If you are interested in pursuing higher education in America, you can choose carefully from the above pattern of institutions depending on your requirements.


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