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  • Holiday trouble!
  • Posted By:
  • Charles Wright
  • Posted On:
  • 03-Jul-2009
  •  Three  hundred and sixty five days make up a year. Out of which many are considered holidays and vacations. What if two more days were added as holidays? The kids would obviously rejoice. But many people like Mayor Bloomberg of New York is dead against the idea.


    Education is a life long process and studying in class at school takes time. and the Mayor adds that every holy day cannot be considered as a holiday. This has offended many Muslims in the City of New York as the Mayor is opposing two Muslim Holy days as holidays. The Mayor on his part argued that they would have to shut down all schools if they considered every day as a holiday. Also that if there are many number of Muslim kids in the school only then it could be though over. But it is not the case in many schools. Education happens best in the classrooms and one needs to come to school for the maximum number of days. Like I mentioned many Muslims in the city are upset.


    The population of this religious sect is almost 600,000 in the city and this is the re-election year. According to the Muslim leaders in the city, if the Mayor doesn’t grant these days at holidays, he will be downright isolating the Muslim population. This means he won’t get any of these votes. And in a city like New York, every vote counts. Members of the district council are divided on this issue too. some would like to grant the two Muslim holy days as holidays while some wont budge.


    USA as a nation has been divided over their feeling towards their Muslim brethren after the 9/11 attacks. Although things have changed with time, some bitterness remains. But such events did not stop people moving into America for higher studies or for permanent citizenship. The country has been accepting in terms of accommodating other religions and their values. Hence, this decision doesn’t sink in well.


    USA is a democratic nation and  everyone is allowed to follow and enjoy their religion. So in a similar manner the Muslim students should be allowed to celebrate their festivals/ holy days as a holiday. For other students it would mean another holiday and fun time. some would prefer to study or do some constructive work.


    It would work both ways. Therefore, the holy days should be granted as a holiday. Christmas is celebrated as a festival across the globe and it is a declared public holiday. Children all over the world wait for Santa Claus and the presents. So one can expect some more understanding and leniency towards other religions as well.


    It all depends on the Mayor’s decision. While the public may not have any objection, it is now up to the authorities. But there is no point in upsetting people around. Especially when it is time for re-elections. So let wait and watch. Hope things turn out the way people want them to be.


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